Biker Killed In Union County Wreck

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WEST BUFFALO TOWNSHIP — A man is dead after a violent crash between a car and motorcycle in Union County.

Police say the motorcycle and a car crashed around 10:15 a.m. Thursday on Forest Hill Road north of Mifflinburg.

Officers tell us the man on the motorcycle was killed. He was from New Jersey.

The driver of the car suffered only minor injuries in the wreck.


  • Brian

    I know this would mess with peoples bikes, BUT I think bikes should have a blaze orange square on the front. For both their safety and other drivers. They can be hard to spot sometimes..

  • Cas

    I was there 5 seconds after it happened. And had to detour. Vthe driver of the car were fine and the biker was laying alone on the road. People are idiots and need to stfu. The fact is a life is lost. Someone died. A beautiful day out enjoying his bike and someone made a mistake. Elderly aren’t to blame. Crazy bikers aren’t the blame. Someone didn’t see someone or made a laps in judgement an someone had to pay for it with their life. So enough. Prayers to the family.

  • Steve

    There are far more idiots in cars than on bikes. Idiots in cars usually only ding up there cars and no one really cares to put that on the news. When a biker encounters, or is also, an idiot he most often is killed then everyone is up in arms.

  • Rob

    Not sure how “disabled taxpayer” almost caused an accident? Seems the guy on the motorcycle was to blame for trying to pass a car that was going over the speedlimit by a few miles. It would’ve been his own fault if the rig hit him.

    My sympathy is with both families of this incident.

    • Cookie

      Cookie knows that a posted 35 is the MAXIMUM speed allowing for safety conditions and not to be “fudged” by 5 mph. She also knows, when being passed, even by an unsafe vehicle, that if traffic coming the other way may cause an accident, to slow down and allow said vehicle to regain the lane.

  • Kay

    No matter whether you have encountered a motorcycle driving dangerously or not, you have to remember that a life was lost. The driver of the car will never be the same. A family is in mourning.

  • disabled taxpayer

    some of the bikers are real idiot’s . I was on my way the Redner’s warehouse market in Pittston T.W.P. on a two lane road an a biker came up on my back bumper he was flying he was trying to pass me . The speed limit is 35 i was doing 35 to 40 he did pass me but was just about hit be a big rig coming the other way . WERE O WERE ARE THE POLICE April 10 2014

    • Cookie

      You were operating your vehicle in excess of the posted speed limit and almost caused an accident. Of this you brag?

    • Rob

      Perhaps you were driving erratically. I’ve encountered many elderly people who drive very slow then speed up only to slow way back down and then jam on the brakes to make sudden turns. Don’t bash bikes when bad drivers come in all types of vehicles.

    • B

      It’s not fair for both drivers AND bikers to assume one or the other is ALWAYS at fault, kinda like two kids fighting in a school yard one pushing the other saying the other started it! Those of us in cars choose to be more mindful of those on motorcycles because if there is an accident they may suffer more severe injuries being they have no “walls” around them. However, that is in no way a license for bikers to think they own the road and everyone else has to watch out for the regardless of how safe they drive or not.

      • Steve

        Not all drivers in cars are mindful of bikers. Some tailgate or pass too close or do all kinds of crazy things. Stupid knows no particular mode of transportation.

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