Woman Charged With Deadly Tioga County Shooting, Beating

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LIBERTY TOWNSHIP -- It was a violent crime that shocked a neighborhood. An intruder attacked an elderly couple in their home killing the husband. Now a suspect has been charged in the case.

Seven months after the elderly couple was violently attacked in their own home in Tioga County near the Lycoming County line, authorities filed homicide charges against the suspect who allegedly shot and killed the husband.

Neighbors tell Newswatch 16 that Oliver and Edwina Litzelman were a quiet couple who kept to themselves. That was until last September when someone attacked the Litzelmans.

Oliver was killed and Edwina was beaten.

On Wednesday, Debra Lockett from Morris was charged with criminal homicide and aggravated assault for an attack on the couple.

State police say that in September, Lockett came to Oliver and Edwina Litzelman's home in Liberty Township.

According to court documents, Lockett claimed she was a relative of the couple. Once inside, she demanded money and then shot Oliver Litzelman, 82, in the head and then beat his 81-year-old wife Edwina.

It's been months since the tragedy but people in Liberty Township say they feel safer now that Lockett has been charged.

"We all felt the hurt and shock. It was an awful thing to happen to anybody," said Dorothy Norman.

"Nothing like that ever happens around here.  I think everybody has been waiting to see this happen," said Vivian Ureen.

Ureen is the aunt of Edwina Litzelman who's known to her friends as Eddie. She says she feels safer now that Lockett has been charged but nothing can bring back Ollie or make Eddie feel better.

"It was very upsetting to me. I couldn't get it off my mind. I still don't."

Edwina Litzelman is now living with her granddaughter.

A preliminary hearing has been scheduled for Lockett on April 22.



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