Scranton Police: Drugs Stored in Child’s Bedroom

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SCRANTON -- A house in Scranton that's been in the news before has now been labeled a suspected drug house.

Scranton Police raided the place Tuesday night. Now, the woman who lived there is facing stiffer charges because police say drugs were hidden in her child's bedroom.

When police searched 924 Luzerne Street Tuesday night, they found heroin, crack cocaine, and a form of ecstasy called "Molly." The majority of the drugs were stored inside the bedroom of a five-year-old girl.

The home had long been a target of the Scranton Police Special Investigations Division.

Police said an informant bought heroin at the house Tuesday. Then officers searched it finding a large amount of heroin, crack cocaine, and ecstasy.

It's where they found the drugs that led to more charges.

Rasheen Flowers faces a long list of drug dealing charges. Shannon Fritsch faces those charges too, along with endangering the welfare of a child.  According to court papers, she let Flowers store drugs in the bedroom of her five-year-old daughter.

"That child doesn't deserve that, that kid is five and that's going to play in her head over and over and over again, what happened in that house yesterday. And what else did she see that nobody else knows about yet?" said a neighbor who wanted to remain anonymous Wednesday.

Many neighbors in and near the 900-block of Luzerne Street were afraid to put their faces on camera because they said the drug activity at this home is something they've been living with for a while.

They said the drug bust didn't surprise them, the fact it involved a child's bedroom did.

"I didn't even want the kids, my grandchildren, outside yesterday I kept them in the house because I didn't know what was going on. It's sick, that poor little girl," said neighbor Kathy Shea.

Scranton Police said the five-year-old girl is now in protective custody, and the home is now condemned. Neighbors said it's just the first step toward cleaning up their neighborhood.

"It's a little bit of a relief knowing that's it's a little bit safer," a neighbor said.

The home on Luzerne Street has attracted a lot of news in recent years.

Before this most recent incident, Newswatch 16 was there when a car took out the front porch of the house. And it was also home to the now infamous "potty mouth" incident when a woman who lived here was charged by police after shouting at her toilet.


  • tom

    Take this scumbag idiotic mother and hang her-if not hanging her-take that child away from her-tie her tubes so she can’t have anymore children.Jail-at least 35 years.NO PAROLE.

  • B

    Addicts don’t care about their kids, they use them anyway they can. It’s all about the drugs and money and more money to buy drugs.

    • #ThinkFirst

      I agree the little girl in no way deserved that and it was selfish ignorant asked irresponsible. …BUT the comment you made About drug addicts not caring about their kids.ONLY MONEY AND DRUGS.People that think like you make me sick.She is Her own person that doesn’t mean EVERY ADDICT is like that.Educate yourself half this weirdo town is filled with addicts,that love and nurture their children better then sober people.So,are you addicted to asshole?Because yousure act like one

  • Lizard

    This is terrible, how could they store drugs in the bedroom of a child! What if she took the drugs by accident, thinking they were something else or just ingested them for some unknown reason…. the child was 5….. she doesn’t know what drugs are. Kids pick up things and put it in there mouths all the time! She is lucky that something like that didn’t happen to that poor child, but its a shame that the child had to deal with the lifestyle that she has been growing up in! The neighbors said that this has been a drug house for quite sometime now, and if that is the case I am wondering why they haven’t been caught sooner. The police really need to start listening to calls from people when they say that their neighbor is a drug dealer, because I am sure that the neighbors have called/and or left anonymous tips for however long its been going on! This poor child could have been saved from this tragedy way sooner, if they had listened and worked as hard as they could have to take down the dealers living in this home! DEALING drugs is one thing but when there children involved, its just a shame! Children are a blessing and should not be raised like this, some parents really make me sick!

    As for the end of this article, sometimes I think that police are such idiots! Charging a person for shouting at her toilet?????? Really Scranton police….. dont you have more important things to be doing, MORE IMPORTANT CRIMES TO BE CHARGING PEOPLE FOR!?? Retards!

  • Bite bite-sip sip

    The drug thing is bad, but I can’t get past the person being charged for shouting at their toilet.

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