Railroad Crossing Work To Detour Some Traffic On Danville Riverside Bridge

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RIVERSIDE -- Traffic across a bridge between Northumberland and Montour Counties is scheduled to be affected when crews start work on a railroad crossing.

PennDOT officials originally said both directions of the Danville Riverside bridge would close during the project but now, only one direction will close.

Cars will be able to travel from Riverside into Danville.  People driving from Danville into Riverside, however, must still use a detour during the railroad crossing work which is scheduled for June.

PennDOT says around 12,000 vehicles cross the Danville Riverside bridge each day.

At a public meeting, PennDOT told residents that during an upcoming railroad crossing project, cars, but not trucks, will be able to cross from Riverside to Danville.

Cars and trucks will not be allowed in the other direction.

"I don't think it's really going to make a difference.  Either way if I go over, I have to find alternative to come back," said Lori Swartz of Riverside.

PennDOT says it's not safe for two-way traffic during the railroad crossing replacement project, so people coming from Danville will either have to detour through Catawissa or Sunbury, which is about 10 miles in either direction.

Joann Haladay owns The Muffin Man, a restaurant in Riverside.  She says many of her customers are from the Danville area so the bridge closure will affect her business no matter what.

"I'm going to probably be closed for at least two days, depending on whether it goes well and they can get it done in the time they're saying." PennDOT says pedestrians and emergency vehicles will be allowed to cross the bridge in both directions during the railway work which is expected to begin June 20 and last for several days.

"The sooner they get it done, the better it will be for everybody," Swartz added.

"It has to be done, so I'd rather see them get it done and get it over with," said Haladay.

The railway crossing replacement project in Riverside is scheduled to start on Friday, June 20 and last until Monday, June 23.

Drivers and businesses in the area were concerned last month about dealing with a long detour while the span is shut down.