Reaction To School Stabbings Near Pittsburgh

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MONTOUR COUNTY -- The sun was shining as the Danville Area Lady Ironmen took on the Lady Indians of Shamokin Area in softball Wednesday.

The game was about 200 miles from Franklin Regional High School in Murrysville, Pennsylvania, where a student is accused of stabbing at least 21 people Wednesday morning.

People at the softball game said their hearts are with the western Pennsylvania community.

"I work for an educational entity, and we were kind of shocked. In my job we talked to that school a lot, it was kind of shocking. I was kind of surprised that it happened in Pennsylvania. I shouldn't say this this way, but I'm glad it wasn't a gun," said Mike Lindermuth of Shamokin.

The bleachers at the game were filled with parents of high school students.

They said they cannot imagine the horror of an attack on their children.

"I couldn't imagine what those parents are feeling right now, and I don't want to find out," said Maxine Harvey of Shamokin.

Still, they said they are not naive. They know it could happen.

"If it's going to happen, it's going to happen. Even with police in the school and everything else, our officers don't get to school until quarter of eight. This happened at quarter after seven so if it's going to happen, it's going to happen," said parent Erik Nash of Shamokin.


  • Nelson Emerson

    I’m going to date myself but I remember back in school just about all the guys had a swiss army knife. Nobody ever thought of stabbing anybody, now if a kid brought something like that on school grounds he would get expelled. I just found out the other day that my daughter who takes Karate lessons is considered a lethal weapon and if she got into any kind of scrap on school grounds would get an extra 5 days suspension just for that, It’s nuts!

  • joe schmoe

    Its a very sad thing. Its a sad part of who we are as the human race. Violence is an inherit part of our being. These things will NEVER go away. They have happened all throughout history and will continue forevermore. The big surprise here is that this stuff doesnt happen more often.


    If this was a gun, it would be far worse as far as the media is concerned There would be protests to remove the guns, etc., etc. No what? All the anti-gun people out there should be speechless! How could this POSSIBLY happen with a KNIFE!!

    What kind of knife was it? Did his parents possess it legally? Maybe we should register knives!. Sounds ridiculous doesn’t it?

    I feel bad for all the people hurt by this. Makes me lean even more towards homeschooling.

    • Anonymous

      Ban them? And create yet another black market. We need to stop trying to censor each other and we need to stop banning things. Do you honestly believe that banning knives would stop this? No. If someone wants to get their hands on a knife, they’ll get a knife. If someone wants a gun, they’ll get a gun. We outlawed drugs, but millions of people are using them. What makes you think banning anything will solve this problem?

      If you were joking around, than that’s fine. But keep this in mind.

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