More Sidewalk Repairs in Mifflinburg

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MIFFLINBURG -- Workers spent the day replacing sidewalks along Chestnut Street in Mifflinburg, the same sidewalks that were replaced just a few months ago. That's because the new sidewalks cracked.

"That should not have happened," Ginger Trench said.

Ginger Trench lives along Chestnut Street and thought the new sidewalks looked good at first.

"When I saw that there was a crack in the one I was very surprised," Trench said.

According to PennDOT, in addition to the very harsh winter, there was also an oversight by the contractor. When the concrete was poured, it did not allow room for concrete slabs to expand and contract, and that is also what caused it to crack.

PennDOT said the contractor is fixing this problem, and it should prevent future cracking. This is happening at no cost to taxpayers because the contractor is footing the bill.

Megan Bradley is a hairdresser at From Shades of Black. She said she knows the work needs to be done. She also knows it could affect business, because part of the work will be done right outside the salon.

"Hopefully they can get it done right and hurry it up in a way, for our sake," Bradley said.

PennDOT said both lanes of Chestnut Street are not being shut down. The work is being done one lane at a time.

"It's not like it was last year during the actual construction," Judy Muchler said.

Replacing the new sidewalks is expected to take six weeks.