Alleged Attempted Homicide Victim: ‘I Didn’t Even Move, I Froze’

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STROUDSBURG -- A woman who said she's the victim of an attempted homicide in the Poconos is speaking out.

Michelle Loper told Newswatch 16 late Wednesday afternoon she was the victim of a shots fired incident in March.

Loper said she is still recovering. She came to WNEP's Pocono Newsroom to say that she was the intended target when shots were fired outside the Econo Lodge on Park Avenue in Stroudsburg.

"I was scared, I was very very scared. I didn't even move, I froze. And he looked right at me, smiled, and said, 'bet you'd never see me again.'"

Shicon Jordan of Stroudsburg is the man Loper is referring to. He was brought back from New Jersey and arraigned earlier Wednesday on three counts of attempted homicide. Loper said the two first met when she was homeless. She stayed with Jordan while he used her car.

She said trouble began earlier this year when she wanted her car back and he punched her. The scars are still visible.

"Terrible. I heard the crack when it hits your bone, and then I went into the bathroom, and I could see all the blood gushing, and he got the nerve to get mad when I wanted to go to the hospital," explained Loper.

Walking out of his arraignment, Jordan claimed he wasn't even around when the shots were fired outside the motel and that police have the wrong man.

"I wasn't here. There's a lady that's in Stroudsburg Regional right now, I mean in Monroe County, saying she did the shooting. Do the math. You all do y'all homework now," said Jordan.

"The hotel that they shot has him on tape with the gun, and I have saw the gun prior to the incident when I used to live there," said Loper.

Loper said she's focused on getting her life back on track and seeing that Jordan faces the consequences.

"Just that he'll get his, he'll get his. I'll make sure of it," said Loper.

Jordan is locked up without bail in Monroe County.


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    But Jordan said he was in NJ, NY or one of the other 38 states at the time of the shootings! Hard to dispute that!

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      Wait, this happened in November of 1889, when we had only 40 states? My hat’s off to these people. They look great for the oldest living people on the planet.

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