2007: “Potty Mouth”

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Scranton Police said they found drugs hidden in a child's bedroom during a bust at 924 Luzerne Street on Tuesday.

Police said an informant bought heroin at the house. Then officers searched it and found a large amount of heroin, crack cocaine and ecstasy.

Rasheen Flowers and Shannon Fritsch each face drug and child endangerment charges.

That same place on Luzerne Street has been featured on Newswatch 16 in the past.

Back in 2007 a Scranton Police Officer handed a fine to a woman for cursing at her toilet.

The cop said he heard the woman shouting vulgarities through an open window.

We look back at the bizarre "Potty Mouth" with a special edition of the Video Vault from Newswatch 16's Josh Brogadir.


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