State Prison For Attempted Homicide In Monroe County

joseph shuman mon att hom

STROUDSBURG — A judge in Monroe County sentenced a man to 10 and a half to 21 years in state prison for setting fire to the home of his hearing-impaired ex-girlfriend.

Police said Joseph Shuman from Tobyhanna drove to the home in Coolbaugh Township in May 2013, disabled a fire alarm system, and set fire to the place.

Four people were sleeping inside at the time but no one was hurt.

Shuman was charged with attempted homicide and other charges in Monroe County.


  • LS

    OMG!!!! Are you kidding me, a Terrorist would get less time.What is wrong with this Judge!! She has got to out of her mind

  • Paul Shuman

    This is a bull@# sentence! I have seen people do a lot worse and get off with no time.
    The sad part is that the ex-girlfriend is responsible for the whole thing and everyone makes her out to be a sad victim. She is far from that.

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