Three People Arrested, Child Removed From Home After Drug Bust

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SCRANTON —Police in Scranton said they arrested three people on drug charges Tuesday afternoon.

Authorities raided a home in the 900 block of Luzerne Street in the city’s west wide after an investigation into the selling of heroin and crack cocaine in the city.

They arrested Shannon Fritsch, 33,  Rasheen Flowers, 34,  and Tabitha Seward, 37, all of Scranton.

A 5-year-old child was removed from the home and placed into the care of Lackawanna County Children and Youth.

Scranton city officials condemned the home after the drug bust.


  • mom of 2

    And punishing those drug related “criminals” is not changing the situation!!! Thats the problem, why would we keep doing the same thing over and over expecting the same results – thats just insanity. Why shouldn’t we try rehabilitating those with addictions and treating them the same as those with mental disorders since that is what addiction is a MENTAL DISORDER. Far too often drug related “criminals” are just tossed in their jail cells and left to sit. Why wouldn’t we educate them in some area, barbering or carpentry and give them a step up for when they get out instead of limiting them to only making $7 an hour busting their asses just to live off welfare. We are ruining future generations, leaving our children to be raised by a single parent or even worse by foster parents. We’re setting them up for failure. And why would you label me as an anarchist? Because my views are not as narrow and ridged as yours? You probably think marijuana kills and you’re all Pro Bush Bank Bailouts.

  • socialworker

    I think most are missing the point here..dealing drugs is illegal… Its not a an occupation. Its against the law. In addition, having a child in the mix of all that again – is against the law. Its called child endangerment. She will be lucky to even get her child back. See this is what happens when drugs and fast money take control of some peoples lives. Consequences to there actions… And who suffers now is that five year old child who is now a in the social service system because this child’s mother put him in hharms way when dealing & using and the addictive lifestyle became first place. This isn’t the first time this particular property was under investigation or not the first time that this female was arrested and/ or incarcerated. Place blame where its due…the mother and her associaties. The real victim here is that innocent child. And quite frankly, I’m tired of paying taxes for repeat offenders and frequent rehab visitors.

    • mom of 2

      And that is why drugs should be decriminalized and drug dealings should be taken away from the people and drug cartels and put into the hands of the government. People who are in jail should be rehabilitated and given the opportunity to do better with their lives rather than being locked in cages. If youre really a social worker then you know addiction is a mental disorder not a crime, you know children don’t do as well with foster parents (in most cases) than their true parents. The child should not be forced to suffer the consequences of their parents. Its heart breaking to think of that little 5 year old laying in a strange bed, in a strange house, not having a clue what is really going on.

  • Mary s

    Drug addicts need rehab not jail ! Hopefully there was family the child could be placed with there’s a reason they’re was drugs there bc of use which is from and underlying problem or bc of money to survive its sad once u have a felony u r labled for life and cant get a good job smh

  • michelle emig

    Sheps probably defending the drug dealers because her baby’s daddy is one and a great role model for her children.

  • Carmelina Mochachina

    the kid had to be taken away. how can they raise him if they’re in jail? but I don’t think the house should be condemned. to me, condemned means that the water was dirty, or their were rats or rabid animals everywhere. I don’t think the landlord should have to pay.

    • John

      the female in this incident needed to be locked up and her child taken away.I know her personally and she’s snitches on others who’s sold drugs!other who weren’t addicts,but those who actually paid bills,bought school clothes and paid rent.those who were close to her and her child.she never gave a second thought about how the persons whom she’s sent to jail,children would be affected!

  • Leroy Jenkins

    They were all home on a Tuesday afternoon? Did they call in sick from work or something? I don’t understand….

    • B

      Maybe they’re all mentally disabled and collect disability? Seriously they are all in their 30’s, time for them to know better than this!

      @momof2, so $7 an hour is not better than prison AND losing your kid? You are right, opportunities around here stink, however, that is NOT and NEVER an excuse to do drugs or be a drug dealer..pursue better or move on somehwere, find help somewhere. Single moms especially have more help than most of us! You seem to have found all the answers. Business to run, goling to school, kids to raise, and these 3 then what is their excuse then?

      • mom of 2

        Are you serious? Why would anyone work for $7 an hour, spend hours away from their child when they don’t have to? No where in the article did it say they were using the drugs. You better reel your imagination back in. Yes I do have my life together yay me. I’m cut from a different mold, not everyone can do what I have done. Getting to where I am took blood sweat tears and doing things that I didn’t want to do but did for the big picture. What have you done with your life B? 46, single, backbreaking work, dirty fingernails or are you really on disability collecting welfare judging other people bc youre so unsatisfied with yourself? My main point is that the child shouldnt suffer, they should stay with their parents they shouldnt be faced with those consequences of their parents wrong doing.

    • John

      Are you an idiot?ppl who sell drugs,don’t need jobs.they make their oan money,on their own time!what don’t you understand?

  • Jessica Manning

    Homes have to be condemned for further investigation… Condemning a home is temporary… The owner is lucky that they ddidn’t repossesse the home. Usually, anything related to a drug bust is confiscated.
    My prayers for the child and the home owner.

  • Steve Teaman

    Why condemn the house? The problem was removed, and why must the property owners be responsible for the actions of the tenants? Do you have to babysit your tenants now? The property owners are now without rent and have to take the hit,,smh. Do the projects get condemned every time there’s a drug bust on their property? Not, once again the taxpayers are taking it on the chin because of Habitual Scums. Not fair

    • Lauren

      Only part of the problem was removed. The other part of the problem is the landlords decision to rent to people like this. Based on the tenants removed from this property, it’s likely that the landlord will just rent to another problem. The landlord should absolutely have to pay and miss out on rent for renting to such people. If I had to take a wild guess, it’s probably an absentee landlord situation. Don’t rent to people like this, do better background checks and have a little pride in your property and neighborhood instead of just collecting a check each month. Problem solved.

      • tom

        I totally agree with you.Landlords in our area just rent to anyone-without thinking about the neighborhood.These peolple peobably have criminal records.They should not have been there.”Apt. for rent-references a must”.

      • ironwill

        As a local ( not absentee) landlord I do background checks on tenants & have still had a property condemned after a drug bust. There is no way to run checks on everyone’s family, friends & acquaintances or constantly monitor their activities & behavior without violating privacy & the actual rental agreement. What ever happened to personal responsibility?? This “blame game” atmosphere creates a society of irresponsible finger pointers where others bear the cost for their mistakes & poor decisions. In my case $900 for lawyer, eviction (even though they were already in jail!) and loss of income. Tom making a blanket statement that “landlords in our area rent to anyone” is ignorant & irresponsible, but I’m sure he can blame that on someone else. Spellcheck may be a likely culprit. :)

  • Maria

    It’s no secret that if you sell drugs eventually you go to jail, honestly you cant feel bad for someone for getting thier child taken from them because they knew exactly what the consequences were when they started selling and obviously the child wasn’t a factor then and spare me the they couldn’tfindwork, or how else would they eat excuse…..It’s called a nine to five…..

  • Steve Teaman

    why must the house be condemned how are the landlord responsible for their tenants actions,
    this is nonsense.

  • Jeffrey V Jacobsen

    They were just confused by the DEA drug scheduling. Considering both drugs listed in this story are schedule II, maybe they just thought it would be safer… that was sarcasm by the way. Both of those drugs can easily kill a drug user and if certain drugs that don’t kill users weren’t scheduled at all this story wouldn’t exist.

  • mom of 2

    We’re the parents on drugs or just dealers? And why was the child taken? Was there evidence of abuse? It seems pretty extreme to take a child from their family just bc they were dealing drugs. Maybe all drugs should be legal so they aren’t in control of families and drug related felons shouldn’t be discriminated against in the work place so they have the option to work a good job instead of dealing drugs illegally for life.

    • Danielle

      Are you kidding me. Yes it’s abuse. Selling drugs is illegal. They are losers not role models. What if that 5 year old mistakenly got into their drugs. You are ridiculous. Where there are drugs, there is crime. She was in danger and they should be accountable. I hope she never goes back there. I have an idea, GET A JOB instead of being criminal

      • mom of 2

        You obviously don’t understand the fact that most felons cannot actually get a job. Most felons want a job but cant find anything that will keep them off welfare. Once your in the system the government has a funny way of keeping you on the same track, jails introduce you to more criminals rather than an education that will provide you with the opportunity to change your life. We live in a prison country. Just because they were drug dealers does not shed light on them being bad parents but rather parents who were willing to put it all on the line for their child to have a better life than what our society will allow. Educate yourself on the effects the war on drugs is having on our future generations.

      • Danielle

        What your missing is that I am educated. Educated enough to know storing drugs in a child’s bedroom us illegal. They don’t deserve to be parents. That child doesn’t deserve that. House was filthy, drugs were in a 5 year olds bedroom. Disgusting. Don’t be a criminal and get a job like the rest of us. If you choose to be criminal you don’t deserve to be a re model for a child. You don’t need a job to be a good parent but you don’t deserve a child if you choose to store drugs and have that kind if activity around a child. You need to get educated not me. Don’t tell me I need to understand the life of a poor criminal who can’t work because they chose to cheat, lie and be lazy.

      • mom of 2

        Not educated enough to read the article which says nothing about the house being filthy or the drugs being stored in the childs bedroom. No where does it say that. You better ask your college for your money back because you cant even read a simple article correctly. The parents were arrested for selling drugs not using them, they are until someone reputable says they were using just drug dealers. Someone was always home with that child, they made money the only way they knew how and thats not the childs problem its societies. Our war on drugs is a war on our children and a war on the people otherwise we wouldnt be in the middle east controlling the worlds second largest heroin supply. The most educated person is the one who realizes they don’t know everything. Learning never ends.

    • bobc74

      The child was taken because the parents didn’t care for their kid. If they did, they wouldn’t have been in the business of dealing illegal drugs. Doing illegal things is the easy way out in life. Unfortunately, you might get either caught or killed. Why should people like that have the same privileges as someone who worked hard and stayed honest all their life? It’s called Karma.

      • mom of 2

        Felons cannot find a job that pays more than $7 an hour most of the time, they are not rehabilitated to live any differently. The system is set up to keep them in the system, it gives them no opportunity to better than situation other than selling drugs. There is absolutely no reason the child should have to suffer the consequences bc the childs parents were doing the best they could for them even if the activities were illegal to the governments standards. But in all honesty when has the government actually followed any of the laws put in place for them to follow. The child should not have to be without their parents. If the child was being abused then that would have been a main point to the story as well.

      • mom of 2

        Obviously im from the planet I Can See Things For What They Are. How many pill bottles are in your medicine cabinet? Studies show that kids are better off with there parents no matter how high they are, they got lost in the system and become part of the same criminal system. I suppose your against welfare too but Pro Bush bank outs right

    • B

      It might seem we live in a prison country because we actually, unlike many countries, try to punish our criminals. You must be an anarchist. Why don’t you live in anotehr country then? You seem to have a problem with this one.

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