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Rock For Troops Offers Help To Soldiers

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STROUDSBURG -- Our wounded warriors who have spent time fighting on the front lines are often in need of help back here at home. A restaurant in downtown Stroudsburg decided to give back to our troops to mark a milestone of its own.

The Sarah Street Grill in Stroudsburg is a popular hot spot for lunch, good food, and good music. But regulars Larry and Lindel Furtsh of Scotrun stopped in for more than just lunch Monday afternoon.  They knew the restaurant was giving part of their bill to charity as it celebrates another year in Monroe County.

"I think it's a great idea to, on their birthday, give a little something back to the community," said Larry Furtsh.

The restaurant is celebrating its 19th birthday by giving 19 percent of its sales all day long to help our troops

Lindel Furtsh says she has several family members who have served.

"It's important and it really, really angers me that our country does not take good enough care of our wounded vets, so I think this is great."

The restaurant is gearing up to host "Rock for Troops." The event combined with the restaurant's donations will help send several soldiers   including, one from Long Pond, to an annual fishing tournament for wounded warriors.

Many businesses along Main Street in Stroudsburg also donated items to raffle off and raise even more money, helping make Rock for Troops a neighborhood affair.

Giveaways from the Sherman Theater, local salons, hotels, and even beer distributors poured in.

"It's a really easy cause to get behind.  There's a lot of people that have a connection with the military, people who have served themselves," said Sarah Street Grill worker Christy Connolly.

Nancy Fritz of Marshalls Creek says she didn't realize her meal there would go so far but is proud to be part of helping a soldier or two.

"Absolutely, and so often they fall through cracks, so often they are homeless, so many of them that can't get the medical attention that they need," Fritz said.

The Rock the Troops fundraiser at the Sarah Street Grill in Stroudsburg goes until 2 a. m. when the restaurant closes.