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Police: Woman Who Committed Suicide Possibly Killed Man Hours Before

LYCOMING COUNTY — Investigators say a woman who committed suicide during a police car chase possibly killed a 77-year old man hours before in Lycoming County.

State police believe blood and gun evidence found inside a silver Mitsubishi shows that the car’s owner, Jacqueline Delguercio, 28, shot and killed her passenger, Edward White, 77.

Police believe White’s murder took place Saturday night inside Delguercio’s car; investigators say the next morning, Delguercio shot herself after a car chase with police.

Police searched Delguercio’s home in Williamsport, leaving neighbors trying to piece together what happened.

“I had to ask a few questions and was told I’ll find out in the paper or on the news,” said Lori Russell.

“When I heard about it, that guy being killed, I kind of knew that it was connected and my friend and I were just talking about that yesterday,” said Evan Bryant.

Investigators say surveillance video from the Wal-Mart in Montoursville showed White getting into Delguercio’s car around 9:30 Saturday night.

White’s body was found just a few hours later on a road near a cemetery in the borough with gunshot wounds in his head and hip.

“There’s no words of what was going through my mind. I didn’t want to believe. I was, like, in denial. I didn’t want to believe it,” said Amber White, the victim’s niece. “I thought, well, any minute he’ll come back through that door. Now I know he’s not.”

On Sunday morning, a Williamsport police officer saw Delguercio’s car near her home and a pursuit began.

Police say it ended when Delguercioshot herself in the car and crashed into a building along a road called the Golden Strip in Loyalsock Township.

“She was a nice lady from what I’d seen, but you can’t always go by what you see. Looks can be deceiving I guess,” said Bryant.

During the course of this investigation, state police learned that Delguercio was already wanted for a parole violation and for allegedly stealing a 9 millimeter gun.

Police say the same type of gun was found in her car after her suicide.


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  • carey

    Friday night the drug task force was on the search for her. Saying she would be seen with a black man and they would be caring plenty of heroin. I think the story isnt all being told.

  • Haras

    “How horrible”, oh – this poor old man. But why would he, a 77-year old, get into a car with a 28-year old woman at 9:30 on a Saturday night? Unless they were related somehow – she picking up pops after he grabbed a few groceries… Sorry/not sorry, but I think there are TWO victims here. And one possibly more justified than the other.

      • Haras

        And an otherwise healthy 77-year old man cannot? Speculation, but –

        Sugar Daddy meets Janie Jones or vice versa. Whichever. Jones has a drug problem, and Daddy’s an enabler. Daddy’s sick of her sh*t and won’t provide the monetary funds, OR, Daddy himself is using/out of supply, so that enrages Jones, thus, Daddy gets shot. Jones, now on the run, sees no other way out but to off herself.

        “Girlfriend” may also be code for prostitute. Hollywood rips from the headlines for a reason.

  • Tee

    So if police had apprehended her for the stolen weapon and taken those charges more seriously and searched more thoroughly then a 77 year old man and the woman herself might still be alive today.

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