Lycoming County Homicide, Suicide Connected

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MONTOURSVILLE -- It now appears a homicide and suicide in Lycoming County are connected after authorities released court papers Monday.

A 77-year-old man was found shot Sunday, and several hours later, a 28-year-old woman shot herself during a police chase.

Troopers found a bullet hole on the passenger side door and blood stains that appeared to have been wiped away inside Jacquline Delguercio's vehicle. It's evidence which state police say shows that Delguercio may have shot Edward White in the car just hours before she shot herself during a police chase.

Police say surveillance video from a Wal-Mart in Mountoursville shows Delguercio and White together in the parking lot. They say both got in the same car left together then Delguercio came back hours later by herself.

According to a search warrant, Delguercio went back to the Wal-Mart early Sunday morning to fix her passenger side window. Police believe she may have gone back to her house in the Williamsport area to try to wash the evidence away.  edward white victim mug

White was found on the road near a cemetery in Montoursville. The autopsy shows that White was shot in his head and left hip.

"There's no words of what was going through my mind. I didn't want to believe. You know, I was like in denial. I didn't want to believe it. I thought, well, any minute he'll come back through that door. Now I know he's not," said White's niece Amber White.

Edward White's family looked through pictures together at their home in Montoursville.  They say White was funny, very social, and never got into trouble.

"Basically the only thing he ever did bad was ride the bus all the time," said White's nephew Douglas White.