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D.A.: Deadly Shooting Near Williamsport Justified

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

WILLIAMSPORT — The district attorney in Lycoming County now says a homeowner was “justified” when he shot and killed another man last year.

It happened in June 2013 after police investigated the shooting death along Wither Hollow Lane in Woodward Township, near Williamsport.

The district attorney determined the homeowner, Kevin Bennardi, feared for his life when he shot Michael Woodhead from Muncy Valley.

The D.A. says now that the investigation is complete, no charges will be filed.


  • catherine vaughan

    OK all I’m saying is when someone comes in your house and u are scared u shoot them once maybe twice if need be not how many times and hello once a person is dead they can’t be any deader when u keep shooting them as their lifeless body just lay there. This man is a n asshole and should root in he’ll for this taking another man’s life like this is sooooo wrong… oh Yea and what makes it so twisted is the fact that Micheal and Kevin were friends why was he soo scared for his life when his old friend (who used to stay with him in his home) came in to get some things he left there??? Huh? Sounds a little like Mr. Kevin might be trying to hide something

    Sincerely yours
    Catherine Vaughan of Dushore a.k.a an extremely ticked off friend of the amazing man who was taken from us all

  • libby woodhead

    are you kidding about this

    you shoot him face down in the back with a 22. as he lay there dying. and nothing god help you all rebecca w.

  • Rev

    “You shouldn’t have to go through a long checklist of politically correct criteria before protecting yourself in the middle of the night in your own home.” That’s right, that’s what you get! Someone was at my step-son’s window 2 in the morning, uninvited by us anyway, looking to get into mischief. I warned him the next time I fire a warning shot, and I see VERY poorly at night. Posted on FB the next day that anyone who pulled a stunt like that would have to answer to me and my little friend. Yes we went out and made sure he didn’t need help. He ran off. He was lucky.

  • Skeptic

    Good. Nobody should have to worry if it’s ok to protect yourself and/or your family from an intruder in your home. It’s sad that many people still believe he should be charged for murder. Some of the comments on the Facebook shares of this article are disgusting. You shouldn’t have to go through a long checklist of politically correct criteria before protecting yourself in the middle of the night in your own home. Plain and simple… if you don’t want to get shot, don’t enter someone else’s home uninvited.

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