Community Rallying To Help Fire Victims

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RUSH TOWNSHIP -- A community is coming together to offer support after three brothers in one family died in a fire in Northumberland County on Friday.

At the same time, the fire is raising questions about whether a mother should have left her young children home alone while she worked the overnight shift.

We tried to ask both state police and the district attorney about the children who were left home alone on the night of the deadly fire. State police did not return our calls. The D.A.'s office would only say he has yet to review the case and has no comment.

While those questions remain unanswered, the community is joining together to help the family try to recover from the tragedy.

The memorial is still growing outside of the Rush Township home in Northumberland County. It was there on Friday where fire ripped through the home killing three young boys: Daniel Dissinger, 13, his brotherd Gavin, 7, and Arthur, 2.

At the time of the overnight fire, investigators say the children's mother was at work.

"All of our employees here are saddened by her tragic loss."

Christine Dissinger worked from 11 p.m. to 7 a.m. at David J. Thompson mailing corporation near Bloomsburg.  Her boss says she's only worked at the facility for about three weeks. Now her fellow workers are doing what they can and raising money for the family.

"We're up over $600 and we have yet to ask our second and third shift employees to contribute," Thompson said.

At Danville Middle School, teachers and students are also raising money for the Dissinger family. Daniel Dissinger was a 6th grader there. His locker is a growing memorial. His classmates wore blue on Monday, one of his favorite colors.  Teachers dressed down, all to support the family.

"We're gathering clothing, food, cash, everything to support this family through because they've literally lost everything," said Principal Charles Smargiassi.

It's only been a few days since fire destroyed the Dissinger's home in Northumberland County. In Montour County, they're also finding ways to help out the family. A federal credit union is just one place where you can drop off donations to help the Dissinger family.

Bags and boxes full of clothes, blankets, and even food fill the hallway inside the MC Federal Credit Union in Danville. Employees say after word of the fire, they knew they needed to help.

"I can't understand the grief the family is going through so we want to stand strong and help the Dissinger family as much as we can to get through this crisis," said credit union CEO Jim Barbarich.

The circumstances surrounding the tragic fire are still under investigation  but the coroner has ruled the manner of the brothers' deaths as accidental.

To make a donation contact:

230 Walnut Street
Danville, PA 17821

1-800-834-0082 or 570-275-6155


  • LYNN

    They would have something negative to say if she accepted assistance so it does not surprise me that they criticize her choice to work while her kids sleep. As young adults with many siblings, the eldest often is left to sit for the youngsters. This is a terrible accident and not neglect!

  • jbrony

    Question the fact that she would rather work than be on assistance? That she has ethics and morals and believes in earning her keep? That she teaches her children to be responsible and take care of each other? Leave her alone – and shame on you Channel 16 for posting such nonsense. You are getting as bad as the Press (Jerry Springer)Enterprise in Bloomsburg with your journalism. Report the news and leave the bias out of it.

  • Christina Marie Weaver

    Yes please question the mother that had to work to support her family. She’s a horrible mother for leaving her appropriately aged son home to watch the younger siblings. Take away her remaining children because that’s obviously what this family needs right now! Disgraceful that authorities are even considering that neglect.

    • Dawn Harvilicz

      I totally agree she did what she needed to support her kids and they are not mentioning that the 13 year old Daniel was not the oldest. his older sister is the one who was watching the kids and is the one who was tring to help get the children out of the house and to get help when the 3 parished in the fire. The Mother is my cousin and did everyting she need for those kids. She did nothing wrong.

  • Valerie

    None of this was the mothers fault. A single mother has to do what ever she can to provide for her family. Anyone who says it is her fault has never had to live in the “real” world.

  • melanie

    Apparenly she was a single Mother and needed to work there shouldnt be any questions about it and her one son was old enough to babysit…my heart breaks i wouldnt know what to do with myself if i ever went threw something like this…

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