Kids Found Filthy and Wandering

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WILKES-BARRE -- A man from Wilkes-Barre is facing child endangerment chargesĀ  after two children were found filthy and wandering the streets.

Police said the children were found without shoes, and had vomit stains on their clothing.

When police responded to their home along Jones Street, officers found their father, David Carter on the bedroom floor.

He told police he had been using a narcotic pain reliever.

Carter and the children were taken to the hospital for treatment.


  • someone who knows how it is

    I grew up with my dad and sister and brother my dad left the navy to come cuz my mom wasn’t taking care of us I went to foster care till he got home it was tough with one parent but we scrapped by without welfare till he died when I was17 and my brother raised me from there till I was out of school i know how it is

  • mickey

    Unfortanetly I believe he has been a convicted drug dealer.the mother has been alienated from her children and has contacted children and youth with no avail. It is so sad it has come down to this for the children to now be safe.

  • rox

    Freedom of speech. No news is good news. The media encourages this kind of publicity. If one is in so much pain they better remain in that condition until they can find appropriate care of those who cannot take care of themselves! Regardless of the financial situation or where the mother was…there are single parent families everywhere. Children come first. No ifs, and, or buts! Thankfully they were found in the condition (as poorly as it was). And not soon enough.

  • Stephanie

    I take personal offense to the “ruined by the foster care system” comment. We are a working military family who originates from NEPA and we are very loving foster parents. We treat the foster children as our own and currently have three foster children with drug addicted parents right now who are doing amazing considering their current situation. I am not ignorant to the fact that there are dirt bag foster parents out there but please don’t bash the whole system when there are lots who are trying to save and love these children during the worst time of their lives.

    • Roxann

      Im glad yr a good foster family but i was in foster care as little kid i was in and out of foster care growing up and 2 out of my places was very bad place to live in so yes i know why that person said that! God bless the ones who do care for kids they have in foster care .

      • shersher62

        leave it to the great children and youth services of luzerne county, from what i understand the mother had contacted them several times with no avail, not surprised because they dont care about the children who really do need help, they seem to only want to harass and take children from a loving mother, i know im one of thier viscious cash for kids (yes thats what they have going on, trust me) scam, they do not care one bit about the kids, they have the worst system ever and they really do need to be thoroughly investigated!!!! had they stepped in when they with pleas for help in this situation and many others they seem to turn their heads, but when a child is well taken care of, fed well, clean, dressed well, and most importantly happy, they want to uproot that child and destroy his or her whole life, i know, they destroyed and still are my once very happy son who is now one of the most depressed kids you would ever meet, so very sad, luzerne county children and youth is a ruthless, heartless, money hungry corrupt system!!!!!

      • Connie Citizen

        I wrote the whole story on this page a few days ago but it has some how vanished. So here it is again summarized David is not a good father by any means. He used to be until the childrens mother put him through the ringer. She called and harassed David at his jobs. She called and harassed his family members. She beat her stomach while pregnant. She tried to kill her self while pregnant. She drank and did drugs while pregnant. SO NO THIS SLOB does not deserve the children. Neither does David. They are both completely unfit to be parents to these children. THE MOTHER IS JUST AS BAD IF NOT WORSE THEN DAVID. David is a crazy liar drug bag and so is the mother. When I see people defend one or the other it makes me think HOW THE HECK CAN YOU BELIEVE THESE PEOPLE?????? Then I see you lost your child at one point. So I am guessing at some point you did something they saw as unfit. There are way to many kids in the system. I KNOW FOR A FACT that they wait until the last minute to take the kids out of the home. SO SHERSHER 62 sell your poor me and the mother had tried to no avail to someone who will believe your lie. I have seen the lies of these 2 and many others like them.

  • samantha

    This is horrible. Poor kids. Luckily a good person found them and not some pedophile.
    Why do people automatically assume welfare? Come on . Instead of knocking each other down let’s help eachother. Drop some non perishables off on the guys porch or donate some clothes.
    Jesus! Think before you speak

    • laurie lisman

      Great advice. Too much bashing and not enough love in action. We need more of the later. It doesn’t take much to give negative lip service….

  • Connie

    Dear “John”, back in that day, it was difficult to qualify for any kind of assistance! My mother was widowed young, had 5 children ranging in ages from 7 – 14, and was told she made too much money to get food stamps because she got Social Security for the kids! Even with her working, it wasn’t enough to cover the monthly expenses, she spent the next several years juggling what little money she had. There were no luxuries, vacations, new school clothes, and Christmas was one gift per kid! Before you made such stupid comments, you need to get more information!

    • Lisa Symeon

      My mother was in the very same boat. My father died suddenly at the age of 38, leaving behind a wife, five kids, and one on the way. We didn’t receive food stamps or welfare after my father died. To supplement the Social Security, my mother went to work as a waitress so she could provide us with as much as possible. She raised six kids, worked five nights a week and most often did not even have Mother’s Day off. She instilled in each of us a good work ethic and taught us that if you want anything in life, you have to work for it!

      • Dennis

        I have to wonder about the two people (so far) who gave a “thumbs-down” to Lisa Symeon’s comment. How does one negatively rate what she had to say? Was it the hard-work ethic part?? Just shakin’ my head…..our culture is spiraling downward and our leaders and cultural icons are pushing the accelerator toward decline and so many remain on the sidelines apathetically watching the train go off the track.

  • mdog

    We need man jobs in Pa. Jobs like the “old” days where a man can work hard for his money. We all are not pencil pushers. Or dope dealers.
    Wake up Boorako Hussaino O’bumkisser.

    • AZ

      Why is it Barack Obama’s fault all the way in Washington, D.C. that you don’t have a job in Wilkes-Barre, PA?

  • mdog

    Welcome to the powers that be in Pa.
    When i was a kid we had no food but we were clean.
    We did not need Gov. assistance either.

      • mdog

        No never.
        We had a few tough yrs, both parents worked hard
        pay was small and many bills inc. mortgage over the yrs
        parents became well off. Our family has overcome poverty
        and i am very proud of that. Did you ever live on potato
        soup? Hot dogs for 6 weeks? No milk money at elementary school?
        We were also the best behaved kids on the block.

      • mdog

        I also did my share or beyond in the street making dams in the rain
        with mud oh yes i got filthy. I was always clean at school never accepted a hand out. We here have fed our kids friends on a DAILY basis at times.I always insisted they would stay and feel welcome.

    • Klara Aten

      People didn’t take welfare back then not cuz they didn’t need the help but because of their pride and their familie oh what would they think. It was an embarrassment. So let your children be hungry. As for being dirty who in their right mind can stand in judgment. We all made mud pies.. People are so quick to judge a situation they aren’t in. Well those who were born with a silver spoon in their mouths . if you were so concerned about your fellow man instead of condemning them try to walk in their shoes for a while. =

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