Folks Celebrate Tabletop Day in Honesdale

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HONESDALE -- Folks at The Cooperage in Wayne County were celebrating International Tabletop Day on Saturday.

Dozens of kids and adults broke out their favorite board games and went to work playing games like a giant version of Carcassonne.

Anyone who needed to learn how to play could play at a teaching table and some were testing out newly developed board games as well.

Organizer Dave Harvey says, "We're trying to expose people to things they maybe have played Monopoly but maybe haven't played Dominion or they played Scrabble which is here but haven't played Carcassonne. So this is a chance for them to see all these new interesting games and play with someone who knows how to play."

Organizers of Tabletop Day in Honesdale say board games are experiencing a renaissance with so many new, creative games to play.

Tabletop Day is celebrated all over the world.