New Medical Center Offers ‘No Waiting’

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BARTONSVILLE -- Pocono Medical Center opened its Bartonsville Healthcare Center on Friday, a facility that holds a variety of specialists and even a primary care practice. It’s all designed to get you in and out fast with the simple touch of a screen.

Get in, get to your doctor, and get going. That’s what Pocono Medical Center’s new facility in Bartonsville claims it’s all about.

“No one wants to sit and wait for hours sometimes people wait to register, sometimes people wait to see a provider," said Pocono Health System President and CEO Kathleen Cuck.

The community celebrated this opening and got a first look inside at the new technology for patients seeking primary care, women’s health services, wound care imaging and more.

And it all starts with the touch of a screen at the front door, something some of Bartonsville’s senior residents say they’re glad to see.

"Oh, it'll be quicker, they wouldn't have to look, find your paper, where are you,” said Bill Howells of Bartonsville.

From check-in, prompts are sent directly to doctors via their iPads or computers and to all staff to keep appointments moving.

Pocono Medical Center officials say using this simple screen to check in for your doctor's visit will cut your wait time in more than half.

Dorothy Turri of Bartonsville says she’s lived here for 30 years but still saw her doctor in New Jersey. Now she’s coming here, anxious to see how this new system works.

"I'm not sure quite how that works yet, I see there's a screen and you register and you go to where you have to go, I'm not sure how that works, we'll have to see,” said Turri.

These doctors say they’re looking forward to showcasing just what their new ‘medical home’ has to offer.

"You know people's time is valuable to them and so we want to treat them well and get them moving on their way,” said Cuck.

This center also holds the regions first ever hyperbaric wound care center which has highly specialized equipment that speeds up recovery.

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  • deborahrmorgan

    Isnt it amazing that now that obamacare is here the medical industry is figuring out how to run a business. They cant wait to see ya! Im nit complaing….just an observation.

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