Cops: Woman Stole Dad’s Guns For Drugs

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MAHONING TOWNSHIP — Police in Carbon County believe a woman stole six guns from her father, and then sold them to get money for heroin.

Marissa Pekurny, 20, of Mahoning Township turned herself in on Wednesday.

According to officers, Pekurny sold five guns to firearms stores and the sixth to a man on the street in Hazleton.


  • nepawoods

    How the heck does a 20 year old end up addicted to heroin in this day and age? Either there were very serious problems in her life before she turned to heroin, or there was an incredible lack of very basic education about addictive drugs.


    Fake war on drugs. It is designed to bring cash into the Legal system. An Artificial Legal Justice Economy. It’s a sad story as to why our governments will not stop the flow of killer drugs. At least this child did not overdose and die. 1000’s of our youth die each year because of the greed of the American Bar and corrupt justice officials.

  • tara

    Shes so young. Heroin ruins lives so bad and its so hard to kick. Sadly, she’ll probably overdose rather than ever get clean. They should leave her in jail so she has a chance to detox and hopefully save herself from this horrible drug.

    • nepawoods

      Actually, heroin, while almost as addictive as nicotine, isn’t all that harmful. The harm comes from the fact that supply and distribution is relegated to an unregulated black market. The result is a very expensive product of varying purity. The expense leads addicts to neglect other aspects of their lives in order to procure their next fix (often by stealing). The varying purity leads to accidental overdose. If we did the same with nicotine, making it similarly expensive and similarly difficult to gauge dosage, we’d see similar problems as we do with heroin.

      Addiction is a serious health issue which the justice system has proved itself ill-equipped to treat.

  • mdog

    Once i was a driver for a W.B. Company and a lady soldier my age ran in front of my van she said she must be at the mall to catch a ride to the MAHANOY city area IMMEDIATELY – I DID JUST THAT NEARLY GETTING FIRED.
    I just hope its not her daughter. Please People save our kids report a drug dealer.

    • sally

      mdog..No her Mother is far from a soldier…her Mother is one of those Mothers who spoiled the child rotten n never gave this child any consequences for her actions..once again Mommy will more than likely have Daddy get the girl out of seems if u spoil ur children by rewarding them for teen pregnancy n other actions buying them ab n Fitch clothes,iPhones and Ipads this is how they think life is no responsibilities, no punishments for their actions..i doubt this girl will stay clean from drug use especially if her parents feel the need to get her out of this trouble again..what parents need to learn to do is TOUGH LOVE!! Let her hit rock bottom to have her come back from it herself!! STOP CATERING TO THESE CHILDREN STOP THE SPOILING!! TEACH THEM RESPECT IN THEIRSELF AND IN OTHERS!!

      • mdog

        Thanks. i see so its the other side of the coin.
        Your right kids need to learn what is like to have nothing
        so they appreciate life and getting a meal on the table.

    • johnny99

      Sorry, but I don’t understand the connection, unless you know something not mentioned in the story above.

  • mdog

    The 60’s hippie days have returned to devour our children.
    If you can;t find faith in God at least find faith in yourself.
    We all have a gift a talent or whatever you want to call
    find it in yourself and make it your passion, stay away from
    all drug users. I tried to save people from this path chosen
    and it always dealt me sour grapes. No i did save one person
    from bad drugs and oddly enough it was by pure accident.
    The others were good kids till “getting stoned” ruled their lives.
    Help me save you – have the power to help yourself never give up.
    Live decent and respect others and their property.

    • CCKM

      While those days were bad, these might seem a bit worse because the parents of druggies these days take the attitude, well, I did them/tried them, soooo, this is normal right? Maybe so, but NEVER give license to your/our kids to do something stupid just because some of us did. It is our job as parents to teach them to live right despite the mistakes we may have made and despite the stupid things we did.

  • Cpt. Obvious

    A firearm store buys 5 firearms from a 20 year old girl who obviously looks like she has the thousand yard stare of a drug addict?

  • mdog

    Sad thing then the Dad will end up paying all her legal fees.Responsibility for ones actions under the power of such addictions
    has left the building long ago.
    This is why we need execution penalty for these Heroin dealers.
    They destroy far more lives than actual killers.

  • ne3

    I hope this young addict’s father presses charges, and that his daughter gets the maximum penalty allowed. This woman could really learn valuable lessons, learn what it means to truly love others, (especially your parents), and use the jail time to figure out how her heroin addiction got her where she is. I think she’s young enough to make a 100% turnaround. Her parents need to love her enough by allowing the system to do its job, providing their daughter with all the appropriate legal implications! To steal anything from anyone, (especially something dangerous like guns), is bad enough…but to steal from your very own parents points to a level of disrespect that is hard for me to understand or comprehend!

    • CCKM

      She turned herself in, and that’s a good sign. It’s a start. This girl is young, so there is much hope. We have seen too much of this where we stand. Things have not improved much. We have hope but we had to distance and dismiss members of our family who got themsleves enslaved by this evil drug. We tried to help but they stole from us and terrorized us and if we didn’t cut off ties we would have been held hostage to their addiction as much as they were. In addition, they were all young men in their 20’s, was like living with a “gang.” The dealers should be locked up for life, if not given death when overdoses can be linked to their distribution.

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