Woman Arrested in Connection With Kidnapping Case

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An international kidnapping case with origins in Lycoming County has led to the arrest of a woman from Stroudsburg.

Majed Sayed is accused of taking his three children to Saudi Arabia last year, in violation of a court order.

The attorney for the children’s mother said Cori Mancuso, who fled the country with Sayed was arrested when she tried to come back to the United States Tuesday night.

Sayed and the children have not returned to the U.S.


  • CCKM

    Neither ignorant or retarded, I lived many years amongst them and 90% of that experience was negative. OK? You’re the one who is ignorant thinking I didn’t have a valid reason for my beliefs.

    • Peace

      You are actually both ignorant and retarded because it is pretty impossible to find a culture that is very nigative unless u yourself is a negative and ignorant person that your eyes can not see the beuty of other cultures, you can only see negative things. And who are them?? Non American?? Non White? Arabs? Saudies? Muslims? Arab christians? Arab Muslims? Middle Eastrens? Define THEM!

  • Peace

    Lol You have an issue with my English. Believe what u wanna beilve. Yes Majed and Cori are criminals. My English is making a problem for you. U and ur husband are awsome. Jessica is a victim. And she is poor innocent woman.

    • E Al

      Clearly there is a problem with your English, because this is the second comment in a row where you’ve failed to understand the words I’m writing. ;)

  • Peace

    It is funny when u say ask Majed to talk to Jessica to negotiate. Jessica refuses to talk to Majed. According to her, it disgusts her to talk to him. Once he arrived to Jeddah airport he texted her and let the kids speak to her. What does that indicate? he wanna steel the kids?? I saw those messages with my own eyes. She wanna use the force, not negotiation.

    • E Al

      And, finally, one last thing regarding this “innocent” woman you somehow mustered abundant sympathy for:

      Cori, maybe one day you’re going to have a child of your own. And on that day that you hold your new child in your arms for the first time, perhaps you will remember the day that you stood silently by and allowed someone to take away the children of another mother. Maybe then you’ll understand what you’ve done. And I hope that you’ll pray that God will show you the mercy that you didn’t show Jessica, and let you keep that child of yours by your side.

      Now, all of you can pretend that none of this was wrong and that none of this was a crime, as you have been for months, but you’re all sadly mistaken.

      This is a very serious and severe injustice, and we have all taken notice. The eyes of the world are on you and your family, “peace.” We are waiting to see what you do. Do the right thing.

  • Peace

    E Al! Many cases of kidnap around the world, even in Saudi Arabia. Some American women kidnap thier children and go back to America. Does ur personal exprience make any importance to this specific case? In each country and every where in the world there are good and bad people. I do not know anything about ur case. all this time the news have been writting about Majed and people were saying bad things about Majed, Saudi Arabia, Muslims, and Arabs. i did not open my mouth. people have very negative views of Arabs and Muslim in the west anyway. And whether u consider it cawardness or whatever, I did not wanna talk bad about people in public. Cori is an innocent beautiful person. Her history is full of love and care to everybody from every ethnicity and every religion. She is an example of the great American who loves everybody regardless of thier color or religion or country. It is not OK to through her in Jail and destroy her life to push Majed. She did nothing but being a wife of the father. It is not Ok to detroy a young woman life and use her to push Majed to return the Kids. She has a family whom there repetutation is destroed now. Maybe we will never see her again, but we pray for her everyday. Everybody in Saudi Arabia loved her regardless of her inability to speak the languge.
    You can not use ur personal experience to determine Majed case, people are different Just because ur x-husband was unfair to u. If you wanna belive that Jessica is a victim its OK. I will not defend Majed. There are soo many details about the case. And please do not judge a case based on your own personal case. How much exactly u know about Elyas medical condition? If there is no agreement between Saudi and America, does that mean it is OK the kids should not ever visit or know anything about thier father country? Did he actualy told Jessica u can not see the kids or see them or even travel back and forth to America? Do u know the case exactly? No you do not.
    I will not be draged to talk bad about people. Believe I am bad and Majed is criminal. It does not matter.

    • E Al


      Maybe it’s the English barrier, or the fact that you clearly aren’t actually reading everything that I write, but I have a feeling you somehow thought that I am also a victim of a bad husband from Saudi Arabia and that I have personal experience in this matter? Correct me if I read you wrong.

      But for the record, no, I am in a wonderful relationship with my Saudi husband. He is, thank God, an actually decent man, and to compare him to Majed would be to gravely insult the dignity and decency of my husband. He and I have both offered our support to Jessica, and my husband, like so many Saudis I know, completely and utterly condemns Majed and his callous and criminal behavior and are ashamed of what has been done to this poor woman.

      So I hope that that pretty much addresses all the things you said regarding me using my own personal experience to judge Jessica’s. I have no experience in this matter and no bias influencing my support, because my husband is a decent and God fearing man who knows the difference between right and wrong, and I will have you insult him no further.

      As for Cori, let me see if I can explain this to you in a way you will understand: American citizens cannot just ask the FBI to go arresting people that we’re mad at. Do you really think that it works that way?

      Cori is a criminal, as is Majed, because they committed a crime. In Cori’s case, she committed at least two crimes on a federal level. You can talk to me all day about how dazzled you and your family were at this woman and how great you think she is, but it doesn’t change the truth. She is a criminal. She committed a crime. She was arrested for that crime. There is evidence enough against her to charge her for that crime. Just because Jessica may be able to drop her charge if a negotiation is met, it does not mean that Jessica is responsible for Cori’s arrest. That’s not how this works. I don’t know how you and yours haven’t figured that out already.

      As for the other nonsense you’re spouting, you really think Jessica would be able to trust Majed enough to fly over to Saudi Arabia now and then to see her children? Do you know *anything* about your country and its laws with expats and women, my friend?

      And what happened to the whole thing about both the mother and the father deserving the right to see their kids in their own countries and to be with them whenever they want? When a father has to compromise a little, it’s fine, but when the mother loses all rights and power, it’s justice?

      Finally, if someone had done something so evil and so cruel to me, to my children, and to my family, I would be sick to talk to them, too. But to say that Jessica and her family are not trying to get Majed to negotiate with them and with the FBI is a bold-faced lie.

      And for, what, the third time? I will say shame on you.

  • Peace

    E Al! It is pretty impossible to explain things here, because there are loooooots of facts, so many facts. Facts that includes the 10 or 15 years of marriage. And one of these factual thing is the return to America. according to Jessica, they return only because of the little boy therapy, but that was not Majed only reason. there are so much facts, Jessica is being biased in her reports for the problem. and Its normal, people tend to be biased to their own side when telling problems. I did not say God in our side, I said that God knows the truth. I pray God everyday to be with Majed.
    Other missing point, Elyas therapy, the progress he went through, what health care facilities exist in Saudi Arabia and actually the need for the child to continue in the therapy he has been doing, the amount of progress he achieved. So much documents that can not be provided here. Majed loves Elyas the most by the way. He is a father, he loves and care about his kids health, education, and socialization.
    I do not pretend I am a good person. I do not like Jessica, if I began to through facts here (in public) I am gonna say really bad things about her, I do not wanna do this. Weather u wanna believe me or not.

    • E Al


      Look, you’re the one who came on here and said that Jessica was a bad person who just wanted to put Cori in jail. Now you’re saying you don’t want to talk bad about her anymore. You can surely understand why I take issue with the sort of cowardice that goes into going on the internet slandering people and calling them a bad person without being ready to provide real evidence, and then trying to shrink back into the shadows when challenged.

      Also, I wouldn’t be surprised if there were some problems for both of them in their marriage. That’s what happens in *any* failed relationship. Both parties feel wronged, both parties have a list of things they think the other person did to them. That’s divorce for you, my friend. That does not excuse what Majed did. Nothing excuses what Majed did.The children are confused and suffering, Jessica and her family are suffering, Cori and her family are suffering, no one has won from this situation. At all. Not even Majed. Everyone, everyone lost.

      Because of Majed’s decisions (and I still don’t care one whit about what marital disagreements they may have had. I will reiterate that the kidnapping is inexcusable), these children are likely going to have to face a life either without their mother or without their father, unless Majed is ready to be a man and take responsibility for what he’s done and compromise *fairly* with Jessica. That is the only way to come even close to repairing this damage, for Majed, for the boys, for Jessica, for Cori, and all the families.

      The ball is in his court. It’s time for him to step up and put an end to this instead of hiding behind flimsy excuses and blaming Jessica for the fact that Cori was arrested and wanted by our country for more than one real and severe crime. If he won’t compromise, everyone will continue to be miserable.

      Also, I happen to know quite a bit about the state of healthcare in Saudi Arabia, and I am the American wife of a Saudi man from Dammam. I know the difference between the care that is offered in America and the one that is offered in Saudi Arabia, and I stand by what I said. He is putting the child at a severe disadvantage, and, if he truly loves him most as you claim, he will take good care of that child and do right by him. What he’s doing now is sorely wrong.

      There is a solution here. Instead of praying to God to be on Majed’s side, you should speak to Majed and encourage him to negotiate with Jessica to find some way to settle this so that these boys can benefit from two loving parents and two loving families. They are deeply missed, just as you would deeply miss them if Jessica had done the same thing Majed did. Fear God and fix this now.

  • Randall L Murphy

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    Now we all have different kinds of cases. Liane was a STOPEXIT case and she was dealing with being stuck in Israel. No treaties or govt involvement. An American involved in a family dispute/conflict abroad. Dawn Willson is constantly fighting international visitation issues. Patrick Brayden is dealing with Japan and we all know what that means. The point is that there are many kinds of international family conflicts and all should be addressed. Some of us are Hague cases, some are parents of missing, others are trapped in foreign lands with their children fighting to return home too. As we all began to talk (through our own experiences) more and more topics and needs began to be presented.

    This is what has emerged…..
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    4) To request the Department of
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    6) To STAND together and educate family
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    7) To STAND together as a collective
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    We are organizing a Rally in DC June 11,12-13. Everyone will be filled in more later on that. But I wanted to share this idea with everyone and see who else may want to be involved. So far NCMEC is very supportive, Global Futures, Bring Sean Home knows about this and I haven’t talked to my friend’s with BACHome yet or iCHAPEAU but I know Stephen and Jeffery will be very supportive and involved too.

    Imagine it. An organization of us, helping each other, pushing for change and standing together as one.

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  • Peace

    E Al! You probably know Jessica or her family. Go ask them why did Majed stayed over a year after the divorce fighting for his rights as an international father or as just a father who would like to see his kids as often as he want. Not only mothers love their children, also fathers love their children. Not only Americans loves their country and love their kids to know about it, also other people like thier children to know some about their country.

    • E Al

      “fighting for his rights as an international father or as just a father who would like to see his kids as often as he want.”

      Oh, peace, come on now, my friend. Do you see what you are saying?

      I’ll tell you the little inconvenient thing that you’re ignoring: there is a GIANT difference between KSA and America. Do you know what that difference is? In America, Majed does have a right to see his children. In KSA, Jessica does not.

      Are you somehow implying that he had the right to disappear into the country with no custody rights for women, one that many foreign women have lost their children to before, just because Jessica wanted them to share custody in a country where both of their rights will be protected?

      Sure, Majed might not like living in America, but that’s tough. That’s the sacrifices you have to make when you’re in a divorce, especially an international one: you don’t get things 100% your way. Not if you’re a decent person who recognizes the needs of the other parent, and definitely not if you care about giving your kids a normal upbringing with both loving parents in their lives.

      It’s the responsibility he assumed by marrying a foreign woman, just like Jessica made sacrifices for him (nearly a decade in Saudi Arabia by his side) when she decided to marry a Saudi man. So don’t give me that nonsense. Can’t you do better than that?

      But let me make this easier for you, peace. Let me remind you that none of this really matters. It doesn’t matter that Majed didn’t get what he wanted. We can probably both agree that what matters is the children.

      So I’m going to invite you again. Answer me this simple question: What has God given to you that lets you have the right to remove a child with special needs from therapy that he needs in order to have a successful future?

  • Peace

    E Al! Thank you for pointing at my English. Yes English is my second language, and I am not American, but My family and I are humans, we love as other people love, we cry, we have feelings. We feel others, we are not animals or criminals. obviously you do not know Majed or Cori. You probably know Jessica. I know three of them. I know the factual things. Unlike you, you are guessing Cori’s purpose to join Majed and Majed reasons for Kidnaping the kids. God knows the truth. God knows that Majed did not intended to separate a mother from his kids, and that he is still welling to allow the kids and their mother to be together. And God knows that Cori did not have any relation to this problem other than being a wife of the father.
    Keep guessing and keep hating E Al.

    • E Al


      Hey, my friend, it wasn’t a knock at your English (yours is pretty good), but between knowing the signs of an ESL writer when I see one and the awful things you are saying, I figured you had to be from Majed’s family.

      Now, sure, you and your family have feelings, and you didn’t *want* to commit a crime or ruin anyone’s lives–but you did. So here we are, my man. We can go back and forth talking about who we know and whose side we’re on, but I am inviting you, peace: explain to me this groundbreaking evidence you think you have.

      Explain to me why you think Majed’s (or your?) actions were justifiable. Explain to me why you think he can break international laws and kidnap his three children and flee to a country where he has entire control over them and her during a custody visit. Explain to me why these two people sat down and agreed on a plan to raise the children with joint custody, and somehow that wasn’t good enough, and so the children had to be smuggled out by him or you like a dirty thief in the night.

      Explain to me at the very least how you can justify kidnapping a boy with special needs and bringing him far away from the therapy he needs (which is why they returned to America in the first place, right? ;) ) and keeping him in a country where he is not going to receive that level of care. Go ahead. I dare you. You say God is on your side, so it should be easy to tell me why you are compromising an innocent child’s future.

      I’m not saying that Cori is an awful person. I know she’s done some good stuff in her life. But THIS one thing she did was inexcusable, and what you’re doing is inexcusable, too, and I’ll say it again: you all ought to be ashamed.

      You need to learn some empathy, and you need to learn to take responsibility for crimes that you knowingly commit or are party to.

      Anyway, awaiting this compelling argument that you have up your sleeve. It must be good to make it worth all the damage caused by the kidnapping. I’m excited. Let’s do this.

  • E Al

    Hey, peace. Which family are you from? Majed’s or Cori’s? I’m going to guess Majed’s, as your English mistakes are quite in line with an ESL English learner’s whose fluency is “nearly-there.” I wouldn’t be surprised if you were Majed himself.

    Cori absolutely knew that the children were going to be taken. The FBI had enough evidence to charge her with the kidnapping and with lying for a reason. She knew and supported him because she wanted her happy ending with her new man, and so she allowed for a mother’s children to be kidnapped. She was an accessory to the crime, and this IS a crime, and her choices were sick and selfish to the core.

    Cool. You think something from the father’s perspective will change the fact that he broke several federal laws, kidnapped his kids, ruined the lives of a mother and her family, and dragged his son away from critical therapy that he needs to have a successful future?

    Shame on you, peace.

  • Kim

    I pray for those children that someday soon they can see their mother. I see a lot of judging, but not a lot of sympathy. Do any of you have children? Are any of you single parents? What would you do if your spouse or the parent of your children decided to take your children away and you couldn’t see them? It doesn’t matter if she had children to a Muslim man. The fact is, they are her children too and he had no right to take them from her. It doesn’t make a difference that she had children with a Muslim man. It doesn’t make her a bad person. She is a MOTHER who wants to see her children. My heart breaks for her and the children. I would be in pieces if someone took my children. The woman who went with him…if she helped him take the children out of the US, then she IS guilty of kidnapping. The courts will decide. Just because she came back does not make her innocent. Have a heart people. Don’t let your bias get in the way of your heart. As I said, I will continue to pray for Jessica and her children, and I pray the father has the heart to bring the children back to their mother.

  • Peace

    Cori was not involve in abducting the children, she is just the wife of the father. She was not even in the plain with the father when he abducted the children.
    Jessica planned on hurting the wife and throwing her in Jail. She took her revange from an annocent woman.
    So much information are hidden. The news is baised because the husband point of view is missing. Jessica is not a good person.

  • tlj

    The woman who was arrested is not the mother of the children. So know all the facts before making rascist comments. People need to quit judging people based on who they fall in love with and and have children with. How would it be any different if an American male had children with another ethnicity woman in her country and abuducted his children and ran back to america It wouldn’t. Jessica never thought something like this would happen and where he comes from has nothing to so with it other than she has a huge fight on her hands because of the laws over there. At any time any parent no matter there race can abduct their children and refuse to give them back and hop on a plane illegally and take the kids away to another country like saudi arabia or egypt because they dont have any kind of agreement with the US when it comes to custody matters. Quit judging others. I’m sure your life isnt perfect

  • lindal

    Is it me or am I not reading something right. They all left but she came back alone, Why did she come back?

    • tlj

      because shes not the boys’ mother. Their mother has been here the whole time fighting to get her boys back in the US where they belong

  • CCKM

    He took the children to Saudi Arabia in violation of a court order, she went with them, and came back here without them and charged with the kidnapping? By the law because of the violation of the court order because she went with him? Maybe next time she won’t be so stupid to be with a muslim man have children with him!

    • Tona Way

      Just so you understand the woman who came back WAS NOT THE MOTHER OF THOSE CHILDREN…The mother was here living, fighting, and dying a little every day because her CHILDREN HAVE BEEN KIDNAPPED… Second you are a racist Shitbag…Not all foreign men are dumbasses. Nor does his religion have anything to do with what HE did….Maybe you won’t be so dumb to post on a website, sounding ignorant and retarded at the same time….

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