Plans To Fix Monroe County Highways

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MONROE COUNTY -- The state's new transportation bill includes millions of dollars to improve roadways in the Poconos.

PennDOT is scheduled to fix Route 611 in Mount Pocono starting this year.

"Sounds like a good plan to me. I mean for a while now, especially since the winter up a road a piece there, it's pretty bumpy. I mean I thought I was in New York City again for a while there. So glad to hear that they're going to do it," said Raymond Papas of Albrightsville.

In all, the state plans to improve Route 611 in Coolbaugh, Paradise and Pocono Townships and in the Borough of Mount Pocono.

Route 115 is scheduled to be fixed in Chestnuthill and Tunkhannock Townships.

According to the state transportation bill, those projects cost a total of 4 million 55 thousand dollars.

That is money taxpayers have paid for gasoline and vehicle fees.

"I think it needs to be done and the money has to go somewhere, and that's something that immediately and directly benefits us rather than something you never hear about and don't experience," said Nicholas Dalimata who lives in Mount Pocono.

News of the projects is good news for drivers and business owners Newswatch 16 spoke with, including James Diamond who owns a jewelry business in Mount Pocono.

"There are certainly a lot of potholes. I think I had my car aligned twice already," he laughed. "Anything to benefit our town is a great thing. I'd love for them to keep an open road to get to us, but I think progress is not a bad thing. "