Mother Says Her Son Was a GM Recall Victim

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UNION TOWNSHIP -- A woman from Luzerne County told Newswatch 16 she believes her son died in a crash as a result of a faulty ignition switch related to the General Motors recall.

It was back in December along Route 239 near Shickshinny that Jordan Sult, 18, died.

State police said he was speeding, lost control of his car, and hit a telephone pole. Troopers said he wasn't wearing a seat belt.

However, news about the GM recall has Jordan Sult's mother thinking there was much more to the story.

"Finding out that there's a chance that they could have corrected this problem and my son could be alive, it just makes it seem so much worse," said Susanne Sult of Shickshinny.

Sult believes her son's 2005 Chevy Cobalt was one of the GM cars with a faulty ignition switch, one of the cars now being recalled.

According to the crash report put together by state police, the car's airbags did not deploy. The report says there was no evidence of mechanical failure.

It also says Sult didn't try to correct the car's path after he lost control. His mother said maybe he couldn't.

"I'm sure hundreds and thousands of people have gone down through there at that speed. That part of it doesn't explain why he lost control," said Sult.

Sult has spoken with an attorney from California who's involved in several GM recall cases and wants to represent her. She hasn't decided yet what she wants to do, but there's one thing she knows for sure.

"My goal is to have my day in court. I want them to know what it's done to my family."


  • kelly

    I believe this is the reason my nephew was hurt so bad when he crashed his cobalt and hit a parked truck headon but no airbags deployed. There are alot of cases out there. There was no recall on this vehicle at the time of the accident. airbags should have come out then maybe he would not have suffered for a year or more.

  • lindal

    Mrkidd, Thank you for being so honest. Some people start yelling law suit when something like this happens.

  • Mr kidd

    This is one of my family members and it sickens me what his mom(my cousin) is doing. He was going too fast… She’s always been this type of person unfortunately :/

    • mark

      This family is disgusting. Mrs Sult’s oldest son is a serial burglar. It is always someone else at fault. Never them. I wonder if heroin was involved in this crash?

  • Martha

    She can go after GM all she wants, they have immunity from all lawsuits after 2009, when it received the govt bailout.

  • Randy

    The Woman has a right for her day in court, Most car manufactures don’t give proper notification to the owners of these recalls, (IF) (Maybe), If he did not know about the recall, which evidently he didn’t for he was only 18 and a young driver.

  • Mad In Hazleton

    Mother Says Her Son Was a GM Recall Victim…….
    I’m sorry for this mothers lose, but she has no proof that her sons car turned off that caused that accident. none what soever. could it be her son was just reckless and driving way to fast and lost control….I have had my company pick up truck engine just turn off on me while I was on a 4 lane highway in NJ going 65mph in a sharp turn with cars on both sides of me. it is possible to control the vehicle, I did stayed in my lane put the pick up in natural and restarted it all while driving with one hand no power steering no engine till I restarted the vehicle……..
    So could it be GM’s fault? out side chance was it more your sons fault for driving recklessly? YES…….

    • Matt

      The crash report also stated that there was no corrective action taken by the driver, and that the airbags and active safety features were not engaged, but could find no mechanical fault as to why.
      Was he driving recklessly?, there was no dispute there.
      Was the driver able to correct his mistake, no. When the ignition fails in this manner, the wheel locks. And since it’s basically “off”, the airbags do not deploy.
      Had he been able to correct (or maybe he could not turn in the first place, causing the loss of control) he may have been able to minimize the damages, and the airbags should have prevented further injury, to the point that he may still be alive today.

    • Kaitlin Malloy

      Regardless of what happened to you, it is still possible this accident and unfortunately this kid’s death was a result of a GM malfunction. The mother has no proof her son’s car shut off because it wasn’t written in the police report, that does not mean it DIDN’T happen. The ignition being in the off position may not have even triggered any thought at the time since no one knew of this problem until very recently. ALSO, another wonderful fault on GM’s part is that the airbags didn’t deploy. That right there would be enough for me to want my day in court, I do not blame the mother at all for going after GM. Yes, maybe he was speeding and yes, he wasn’t wearing a seat belt but, have you ever driven that road before? No one does the speed limit on that road, it’s just the norm. Do you know how fast the report stated he was going? I don’t. This “speeding” may have been 10mph over… not 50mph over.. People hear someone was speeding before a wreck and automatically think they were driving at a ridiculous speed, when they really weren’t. If there was no sign of him trying to regain control of his car maybe that is because he couldn’t? He was young and maybe didn’t have time to think of power steering and power brakes and how much more difficult it is to drive without them, especially when his car is out of control. All I’m saying is, no one knows what really happened.. so don’t automatically think the accident was his fault when we already know cobalts are one of the worst cars to have, especially in an accident. The accident and his death may have been prevented if GM wasn’t too busy trying to cover their tracks. Even if the vehicle didn’t slip off, the air bags still didn’t deploy and they may have saved his life.

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