Man Wanted for Sex Abuse in Scranton, Arrested in Colorado

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SCRANTON — U.S. Marshals said they’ve caught a man in Colorado, who is wanted for child sexual abuse in Scranton.

Marshals tracked down David Frisbie, 39, and arrested him on Wednesday.

Authorities believe Frisbie sexually assaulted a minor on several occasions.

They are working to get him sent back to Scranton.


  • Elaine

    I know this man and he is totally innocent he would never and did never touch a child.I have seen him with his own children and he is a wonderful father,as well as a good friend and outstanding man!!! This is a man who works seven days a week to keep his family. The people who have made these accusations are drug addicts and drunks!!! they steal they lie they have children just to collect welfare!!!! a stop must be put to ppl like this or good family INNOCENT MEN will go to jail for drug addicted ppl!!!!!

  • for frisbie

    i know all parties involved & i know its all lies & i have proof! this man is innocent & set up out anger, jelousy, & spite. these ppl have done this to him for years along with other innocent people. its to get revenge & control & also to keep the focus off of them & the issues they r being investagated for. these ppl have ruined that poor childs life along with davids & his families. that is sick & evil & they need to b stopped then get pro. help. also, ask God for forgiveness & pray he has mercy on their evil sick souls!

    • #LieAfterLie

      How can someone call themselves a mother putting their child through this?I agree with you 100%.Let me tell you SHE has the problem.Some would consider her making this story up and setting this horrible example for her daughter,,and of course when it all comes crashing down,blaming it on eveyone but herself,child abuse.Stop paying all your attention to f….n drugs and running the streets,and plotting on innocent people because your own life is disgusting.

  • SETUP#

    It is disgusting how far people will go to set somebody up.He did not do this and when the truth comes out I hope the person who made this lie up is exposed and arrested just like he was for making serious accusations rather are 100%false.This man is the victim of pay back.All charges will be dropped when and if it makes it to court, evidence people.Internet tells lots of things,i researched this name and any semi smart individual can connect the dots.Would you profess yourlove and keep a trail of pictures n reconnection attempts with a man whom really touched someone in your family?Waste of detectives time and resources.Once the accuser gets nervous about them being caught,the story will change and they will play innocent with more lies blaming someone else or something trying to get out of the situation.Some people take extreme measureswhen they lose control over a person.Lies like this make them feel in Control over the person

  • ms.Tj

    I agree with the person that says innocent until proven guilty because I have a friend who was arrested for something bad and was convicted of it and was inmocent, anybody can say anything and they have to arrest a person for something like that, but it’s not always true. I feel for the people if it is true and i feel for the child and I feel for all the people that have to go through this & any children that do, but I have to agree with the person in saying that not everybody is always guilty and a lot people do time for thingsthey didnt do people have even been death
    With the death penalty that have been npt guilty i hopefully the truth will come out

  • tom

    Everybody is innocent until proven guilty I know this person that’s being accused and it is not true he’s being falsely accused get your facts straight before you accuse somebody everybody is innocent until proven guilty do you know how many people go to jail that are innocent he has’not been found guilty yet

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