Lacrosse Show and Tell

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This week, I decided to suit up with the boys of Scranton Prep and learn how to play lacrosse! Coach Jon Knowles partnered me up with some of his best players, Cael Wylam, and Chris O'Brien. Both guys spent the next hour teaching me passing, catching, shooting and defense. I quickly learned that lacrosse is an aggressive sport, and you can't be afraid to shove a little, or use the stick to chop the opponent. I started to catch on to the passing and catching, but shooting in a game-like situation was difficult. It took me about five attempts before I finally put the ball in the back of the net. It was a huge learning experience for me, and I have found a new respect for those tough enough to try out lacrosse.


  • Tommy Shelton

    If you want to learn how to play lacrosse go to Delaware Valley. They’ve been winning championships before Prep even had a team. Back to back to back district champs and about to win it for the 4th year in a row.

  • Hugh Jas

    I find it odd that it was Scranton Prep that was chosen for the news story when they have only had a team for a year and are not the best team in the district.

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