Kalahari Resort Construction Running Behind

TOBYHANNA TOWNSHIP – Construction on a new resort in the Poconos is in full swing now that spring has arrived. Kalahari Resorts is going up near Mount Pocono, but it’s running slightly behind schedule thanks to our long, cold winter.

Concrete trucks parade through, dumping load after load for the foundation of what will be the largest Kalahari Resort.

Construction crews say there’s lots of progress near Mount Pocono but the weather has set them back.

“The winter was extremely harsh and that we lost a lot of time,” said Kraemer Brothers executive vice president Kevin Kraemer.

Rebar is being raised and some walls are already up for floor number one of the hotel. The resort will also feature a conference center and an indoor water park.

Kraemer Brothers says it’s keeping the $230 million project on track.

“We made a good share of that up by working Saturdays. And now that the weather is cooperating we’re hitting on all cylinders,” said Kraemer.

A photo taken from the air shows just how massive this resort’s construction is.

Grace Gonzalez of Long Pond says the progress has surprised her.

“Yes it has, considering the sub-zero temperatures that we’ve been having. I’m really surprised they’ve gotten it moving as fast as they have,” said Gonzalez.

While they’re still just working on the foundation, part of the resort is already going vertical. When it’s all done, one section is going to be eight stories high.

And while concrete is laid and walls are built, Kalahari is sorting out the finer details.

“We’re deciding on drapery, carpeting, bedding, artwork for the walls, what is the restaurant going to look like,” said Kalahari Resorts development director Steve Pine.

Kalahari says it plans to put some northeastern Pennsylvania touches inside as well and when it’s all said and done, the resort hopes to employ 1,500 people.

“It’s all year round, which we could really use the jobs, I know that definitely.  There’s a lot of people here that are without jobs,” said Gonzalez.

Kalahari Resort near Mount Pocono is scheduled to open early summer of 2015.

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