Armed Men Try to Rob Pizza Delivery Driver

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HAZLETON — Police are looking for two men who tried to rob a pizza delivery driver in Hazleton

Officers said the men in masks rushed the man’s car late Wednesday night near the intersection of Cedar and Holly Streets.

Police said the driver saw a gun and took off before they could hold him up.

Anyone with information is asked to call Hazleton police.


  • Sean Christian Homes

    I don’t think they are illegals. They are from New York and New Jersey. These are minorities. The minorities are, by, U.S. dept. of Justice statistics, heavily into crime. This is a fact which democrats want you to ignore because it breeds racism. Now, if you point out these statistics to minority leaders, they get offended and auto-defend minorities as having no faults. Even the minority leaders have crime-records.
    So, how do you improve the quality of life of people when they deny they have a problem and actually call you names for pointing out the obvious?
    Remember OJ Simpson? 90% of blacks ran to his defense and even supported him when he was fleeing with a gun to his head. How do we get the minority of minorities, the fair ones, to become the majority?

    • CCKM

      That seems to be the case in Hazleton perhaps, however, most of the break-ins in areas my way are white locals. 90% of the crime here is committed by locals.

  • lmns

    Get the spics out of our town. There has been nothing but trouble since they invaded. Go back to where you came from!

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