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Wegmans Named Top Supermarket In The Nation

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DICKSON CITY -- Wegmans supermarket is the top supermarket in the country, according to Consumer Reports.

The magazine surveyed tens of thousands of shoppers nationwide and Wegmans came out on top.  The lowest ranking went to Wal-Mart Supercenter.

At a time when Consumer Reports says many grocery shoppers have been shopping around to try different supermarkets, Wegmans stands out nationwide as a place with loyal and pleased customers, at the top of the Consumer Reports rankings for 2014.

"I like the atmosphere. They have everything, if you want it, they'll call you the next day, they'll get it for you.  It's very nice, nice people. Everything is great," said Eileen Filipet of Chapman Lake.

"It's excellent. I wish everyone was lucky enough to have a Wegmans nearby," said Kerry Foose of Hop Bottom.

Foose travels 25 miles from Hop Bottom just to shop at the Dickson City store.

"Just the variety and selection of things they carry here is worth coming all the way down here for."

Consumer Reports says some of the greatest complaints it gets about supermarkets is not having enough check-out lines open and aisles and areas that are congested and cluttered.  Wegmans does well in both those areas.

The fresh produce, meat selection and quality, and baked goods helped get the top ranking, too.

Wegmans service got a perfect score.

"I think it's because it's very big and well stocked. They always seem to have the best produce around and the meats and it's easy to find everything," said Posie Granet of Scranton.

Just down the road from Wegmans is another top ten in the Consumer Reports rankings.  Aldi came in number 10, the only other top 10 in our area.

But the worst in the rankings can be found in Dickson City, too.  Wal-Mart Supercenters came in at the very bottom.

Joann Davis is like many in the survey, likes Wal-Mart's prices, but not everything else.

"You never can find help when you need it and the shelves, they are empty.   A lot of times I'll come for four specific things and of course the four specific things won't be there."

Tops Markets, with stores in Bradford County, and Price Chopper are the only other stores in our area near the bottom of the rankings.