Tunkhannock Hotel Remains Closed

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TUNKHANNOCK -- A small basement fire at the Prince Hotel in Tunkhannock has shutdown the hotel and restaurant

As of Wednesday, the building has been closed for a week and some people in Wyoming County are wondering why.

"We were sad to hear what happened, that the fire slowed it down, but hopefully it will be back and running soon," said Richard Seaberg from Tunkhannock.

The owner of the hotel, Sunny Mehta, said the restaurant and hotel rooms are not damaged. He said the clean up from the fire destroyed the alarm system and that's why the hotel is still closed.

"When we cleaned up down there and did mop up, we probably hosed the living daylights out of it just to make sure we had everything covered," said Joe Balewski, the Fire Chief for the Triton Hose Company.

Mehta said besides the new alarm system, he's waiting for the OK from the Pennsylvania Food and Safety Bureau.

A chef at the hotel said his crew has been cleaning up the kitchen ever since the fire.

"It hurt to throw away this food because you can't use it or give it again and that was sad," said James Noone, head chef at the Prince Hotel.

Hotel employees said the fire is a chance to start over, since they never had a proper grand opening after their renovation project ended in August.

""We're coming back, we're coming back better than ever," said Noone.

The hotel owner and fire chief expects the Prince Hotel to re-open in the next few weeks.