New Firefighters Sworn In

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WILKES-BARRE — Some new firefighters are now on the job in Wilkes-Barre.

Officials swore in 11 new firefighters Wednesday at city hall.

The mayor’s office says a Federal Emergency Management grant will pay the salaries of eight firefighters.

The money for the other three comes from the fire department’s budget.

The new hires bring the total number of Wilkes-Barre firefighters to 70.


  • jellystoneranger

    What a scam these fire departments and police departments have on Scranton and Wilkes Barre! More Union jobs sucking the very last drop of money from the taxpayer funded coffers. They get a million or two from Casey to hire more cops or firefighters and then in a year the local taxpayers are on the hook for their salaries. They have no shame. The hiring process is rigged so only the connected get a job. All scum bags the entire bunch of them. They have a license to steal . How do you people sleep at night ? Our heroes ! B&%$ me ! Oh , by the way ? How is that bank situation with the cop shop going ? I need a loan . Do I just write a Vin # down from the mall parking lot and bring it in for some bucks ?

    • joker24

      People like you are the reason why this area will never advance or amount to anything. People like you are why this area is 20 years behind the times. Between your ignorance and backward, uneducated thinking, its a wonder that you can even put two legitimate thoughts together. I hope that one day you aren’t put in a situation where you need these people to save the life of a family member. Idiot!!

      • jellystoneranger

        This is too easy . First let’s start with the difference between progressive and regressive shall we Stash. The word progressive means moving forward in both thought and action. The word regressive means to go back or regress .. Now stay with me . The same old system that has plagued this Valley for 100 years is still in place and is not going away any time soon . That is called r e g r e s s i v e . The system of pure out and out corruption , kickbacks , graft etc. A side effect of inbreeding of which my friend you are a definite member of. Let’s get down to firefighters shall we ? First of all I have never been a resident of this valley or any other valley after studying history of the area and knowing the propensity ( frequent Stash ) for the Big Muddy to overflow its banks every now and then and make lives miserable . With that said , I own my own lovely home high above the fruited plain that has up to date electrical wiring and hardwired smoke detectors and fire extinguishers . I certainly don’t count on any firefighter to rescue me . Last but not least I have full insurance coverage on my domicile ( home Stash ) so if it burns to the ground if I choose to rebuild it there I will .

        I can understand your man love for the firefighters . You probably still live in your Mommy’s and Daddy’s home (80 years old ?) and don’t have it insured because that money is better spent drinkin down at the bar . We all have our priorities dont we A$$ whole ?

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