Man Accused of Beating Pregnant Girl

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MONROE TOWNSHIP — Charges have been filed against a man accused of assaulting a pregnant girl in Snyder County.

State police said Michael Lepley, 19, of Hummels Wharf got into an argument on Monday with the girl who is 4 months pregnant.

According to troopers, the teenage girl pushed him.  Lepley then allegedly punched and squeezed the girl in the stomach, threw her on the floor and choked her.

Lepley is locked up in the Snyder County prison.


  • CCKM

    This kid is one hot mess…hope the girl and her baby is ok…he needs an overhaul prob better for the kid that he’s not even in the kid’s life..I see trouble ahead if he is! You people make me laugh over there where you’re at, thinkin’ you’re all gangsta…I would like to take a busload of yas and drop you off in the middle of the city and let’s see how gangsta you really are. 19 and your life is a train wreck. Get your *hit together and your head on straight before it’s too late…consider your latest event the begininng of the end if you don’t turn it around now!

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