Drugs, Stun Guns, and Thousands of Dollars Found in Home

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MOOSIC -- Drugs, stun guns, and thousands of dollars in cash were found in a house in Lackawanna County.

Police tell us they were checking on Steven Sampson, 30, of Moosic as part of his parole. When they arrived at his home on Kearney Court he was acting suspicious.

Officers got a search warrant, and they found $10,000, nine stun guns, and over two pounds of marijuana and other drug paraphernalia in his home and vehicle.

Sampson is charged with drug possession and intent to deliver within a school zone.


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  • ty

    According to what I just read, It said the cops not a parole officer came to check on him, as apart of his parole. First, The cops are not the parole officer, and should not have been just showing up at his home unless, there was a complaint made. I know there’s got to be more to the story, But the cop has to have a reason to come to your house, that needs to be stated, Secondly, It sounds like a abuse of power. Even as the cop says he was acting weird, that’s his right to act weird for what ever reason. If the cops was in the home prior to the search warrant, and was standing in the door way and seen the product than ok,you can be arrested,But if the cop was in the home looking around and found the product with no warrant, that illegal. Only a parole officer can come into the without a warrant and search as he please..I could go on, but I rest my case your honor,!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Shannon

    Sassy- he wasn’t doing any of those things you said so why don’t you shut your mouth. It says he had pot big flipping deal, there is way worse in this world! As a matter of fact if you don’t personally know him how bout you keep your stupid comments to yourselves. You don’t know the situation, get a life and comment on something that matters to you instead of offending a man you know nothing about!

  • Antonio

    Well look at this guy talking trash about neighbors snitching and what not…. I’d smack you little boy for talking trash like that you obviously think your from the ghetto and also have no kids ….. Maybe the cops knew something was up…. If you’ve been sent out of jail and the cops think something is wrong they have all the right to obtain a warrent…. I’m just saying kind little boy …… For all we know your a snitch …..

  • mark83

    #FREESAMPSON!!!!! maybe instead of busting a man for selling weed they should worry more about the pee pee touchers. I’m sure the cops who arrest people for selling weed do worse oh yea just look at old forge abusing their power. SCREW THE POLICE AND OUR JUSTICE SYSTEM!!!!!!!

  • kelcie smith

    He loves in a school zone and sorry but the cops should really be more worried about all the dope in your town. Plus im sure on of ur scumbag residents from moosic or scranton snitched on him because thats what that town does. How about let the cops do their job that they get paid for instead people want to snitch scranton moosic area is filled with low life scumbags that have nothing better to do but snitch on people so they dont go to jail

    • Sassy

      Seriously??? If your neighbor is dealing drugs to kids, or beating his girlfriend or raping women, you recommend that they should not alert the authorities? Maybe someone should be checking in on you. What are you doing that you do not want the police to know about??

    • StinkyThePinkChicken

      kelcie smith – you could have at least spelled the 2nd word of your first sentence correctly not to mention all of your other errors. Instead of talking smack…get yourself some hooked on phonics…maybe than you can communicate in an intelligent manor…just saying. You speak like you’re from the ghetto.

  • Mike Hill

    Dr says I need a back-e-otomy…I wanna to talk to Samson…so I can fly to the moon like that b#$%& Alice kramdon…BC its tough being black and gifted…. lol..

  • Mike Hill

    He’s probably going to get 10 years in jail and marijuana we probably be legal in the next year and the same people who arrested him for having marijuana will get there salaries paid with tax money from marijuana..I’m against legalizing but just saying…

    • EvilLAien

      Readign these comments really makes the drug dealer seem more intelligent than the populus. A lucrative business man making good money. Then he has idiots who can’t fomulate a sentence or even know which words are actually words calling him an idiot. Oh boy classic coal cracker comedy

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