Bloomsburg University Rated High in Alcohol Arrests

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BLOOMSBURG -- According to an online report, Bloomsburg University has a high percentage of alcohol-related arrests on campus.

While that headline may not sound so good for the school, university officials actually have a more positive view. We talked to officials at Bloomsburg University who say the number of alcohol-related arrests on campus shows the school is serious about alcohol enforcement.

Bloomsburg University is a dry-campus, but recently it made a list that could make you think otherwise. Bloomsburg University was listed number two in the country on's list for on-campus drinking arrests in 2012.

"I've seen it. A pretty decent amount. Probably more than there should be," Robert Ciaccio said.

"Occasionally there are kids who have it in their dorms and stuff like that. I don't think it's as big a deal as they're making it," Kimeera Davis said. is a website that helps people struggling with addiction by connecting them with rehab facilities. Its study shows that, in 2012, Bloomsburg University had about 26 alcohol-related arrests for every 1,000 students. Bloomsburg University officials say their own data shows a lower rate.

"Unfortunately, we don't have access to the raw data that they used to collect those numbers," said Joe Wondoloski of the Bloomsburg University Police Department.

The website for the company that compiled the rankings says it counted campuses with more than 5,000 students and only counted liquor-law violations on campus that led to arrests.

Bloomsburg University officials say they are not happy with the report but are trying to put a positive spin on it.

"We look at it as the officers here and the university is enforcing the laws of the commonwealth and also the policies of the campus," Wondoloski said.

Tri Pi Pizzeria is open until four am on weekends. Co-owner Kelby Taylor says his restaurant serves a lot of Bloomsburg University students. He hopes the study does not give Bloomsburg a bad name.

"I'm not saying we don't ever have kids getting just a little bit rowdy here and there, but for the most part, it's nothing we can't handle. It's nothing that happens so frequently that we have to worry about it," Taylor said.

East Stroudsburg University came in at number three in the study by Shippensburg University was number five. The University of Wisconsin /Lacrosse came in at number one.


  • crackers81

    Bloomsburg University is all about spin. After they’re done forcing you through their mindfulness hippy buddhist crap they’ll stamp Pepsi logos on your degree. They’ll gladly shove you through any program you want with absolutely no guidance, financial or otherwise, so long as they get to collect. Meanwhile they cry about alcohol but have drugs flowing through their dorms like water in the Nile. They don’t control a THING there, NOTHING.

    HORRIBLE school. Avoid at all costs.

  • Student.

    What we do complain about however…is the emphasis on the amount of
    drinking related arrests per week– in COMPARRISON to the lack of action this past few months in regards to the break- ins, robberies, attempted rapes and assaults at knife point. If anything the arrests are going to go down because we are too scared walk at night. This town is a joke anymore.
    A kid got beat to near death–is in a comma,
    & Susquehanna football players broke into a dorm and robbed a room blind, a Senior from my program tried to KIDNAPP a kid. Why don’t they ever focus on real crime?

  • Fratboy

    Gee, children playing grownup. No responsibilities, carefree, mommy and daddy sending money, no rules, and we scratch our heads in wonderment. I watch cherubs carrying case after case of beer into dorms at lycoming college, while security holds open the doors.

  • BUGrad

    As a graduate from Bloomsburg University I can say first hand that it is not as bad as the news and everyone has been playing it up to be. This school has been on blast for every single thing that happens at the school and even within 20 miles of it. Every single school will have alcohol issues and some do not enforce it nearly as much and Bloom. They are very strict with there polices and enforement. Lay off of them for doing there job!

  • Mike

    Alcohol? I think the drug problem is bigger at BU. Bloomsburg is turning in to a haven for meth and heroin users.

      • ryry

        Its legal, Its their property. Your just living there. You sign paper work accepting to searches. Wilkes Barre University does searches everyday. They strip the whole room apart, they even look in the ceilings.

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