Area VFW Reacts To Fort Hood Shooting

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News of another shooting at Fort Hood in Texas is hitting home for military in our area.

Newswatch 16 spoke with some people Wednesday night at a VFW in Luzerne County as the story unfolded, including an army staff sergeant who returned from Kuwait just last year.

At the VFW Post 283 in Kingston, folks were keeping a watch on the latest information to come out of Fort Hood, Texas after news broke there was another shooting at the military post.

Post Commander Chuck Pavlick is an active staff sergeant in the National Guard and has served twice in Afghanistan and just returned from Kuwait last July.

He couldn`t imagine coming home from combat only to be threatened at home.

“I mean you come home and you think it`s over, weight`s lifted, but with this happening it`s hard to come back, now you got to worry on top of that,” said Pavlick.

While details were still scarce on the shooting, Pavlick worried if it was a soldier who was possibly dealing with post-traumatic stress.

But he said the military is prepared to help those suffering.

“There`s so much out there for the people that are looking for help,” said Pavlick. “There`s so much out there for soldiers today. If it was a soldier that did this, there`s no excuse for it today.”

Jan Godown has been an auxiliary member of this VFW for 15 years, having both a father and a husband serve in the military.

She said it`s heartbreaking to hear of another shooting at a military post.

“I feel very upset, to think that they go through all this stuff and then come home and go through all these things. It`s very upsetting,” said Godown.