Railroad Repairs Cause Confusion Near Pittston

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PITTSTON TOWNSHIP — A busy street connecting the Pittston area with Interstate 81 is expected to be closed for about two weeks as crews repair a railroad crossing.

Some drivers are upset about what they feel are confusing detour signs.

Repair crews are using heavy equipment and a train to haul in supplies and replace the crossing where the railroad cuts through Oak Street in Pittston Township.

“Evidentally this was so well needed, I guess we’ll put up with it to gain the benefits of having a crossing that’s not so beat up,” said Jim Murphy.

Murphy is co-owner of computer visionaries, a business located near the tracks. He’s looking forward to a smoother ride.

But people driving between the Pittston area and Interstate 81 say there was little warning about the road closure which is expected to last until next Friday.

At times drivers did U-turns right in the middle of Oak Street.

“That’s frustrating because I’m in a hurry. But what are you going to do? I’m sure the signs will go up sooner or later,” said Betty Orlandini of Harding.

Newswatch 16 found orange detour signs but other road signs directing drivers to Interstate 81 and Route 315 were left uncovered.

PennDOT says the detour around the railroad crossing is about four miles long.

The detour confusion is the latest struggle for the owner of Global Auto Mart.

In January a dump truck parked near the railroad crossing rolled backwards and right into the building Carmen Capitano was planning to move his dealership into.

“We’re used to problems. Every day is a new hurdle so I’m not worried about it. Eventually everything will work out,” Capitano said.

The dealership is now open for business.

PennDOT says Reading Blue Mountain and Northern Railroad should have the crossing complete by next Friday.


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  • bobc74

    And I’m sure those folks who are complaining are the same people who would have sued the railroad company if their car tires would have been punctured by the metal sticking up from that crossing.

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