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Miranda Barbour’s Alleged Confession Played in Court

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SUNBURY -- The woman charged with killing a man she and her husband met on Craigslist was in court today in Sunbury fighting for her life.

Miranda Barbour walked into the Northumberland County Courthouse for a hearing. Barbour's attorney Ed Greco filed a motion to drop the aggravating circumstances in her case, meaning the death penalty would be taken off the table.

Barbour and her husband Elytte are accused of killing Troy LaFerrara of Port Trevorton last November in Sunbury. The two allegedly met LaFerrara on Craigslist and killed him for the thrill of it.

During the hearing, prosecutors played parts of a jailhouse interview between Barbour and Daily Item newspaper reporter Francis Scarcella. This is the first time Barbour has appeared in court since claiming to kill more than 22 people.

A Northumberland County prison guard testified that she sat about five feet away from Miranda Barbour during the interview. She says some of what Barbour said during that interview made her sick to her stomach.

When prosecutors played the interview, Scarcella asked, "Why did you stab him?"

Barbour answered, "It got out of control. It just got out of control. The whole part was to do it together."

Then Scarcella asked, "You took money from this man?"

Barbour said, "Yeah."

Scarcella asked, "How much money did you take?"

Barbour answered, "Maybe like $150."

"What I did was my job and I went in and got two sides to the story and everything she said is on the tape," Scarcella said.

The district attorney says that part of the confession was played to show there was a conspiracy to commit crimes. Another issue that was brought up at the hearing was LaFerrara's computer activity. Greco says the victim had at least eight email addresses. The judge granted the defense the help of a computer expert.

"We're happy that we're getting the computer expert and the court's approving that," Greco said.

A ruling on the motion to drop the aggravating circumstances is expected later this month. The second part of this hearing is scheduled for May, where the defense is expected to fight admission of the jailhouse interview into evidence. Miranda's husband Elytte is scheduled to have a similar hearing at the end of this month.

Troy LaFerrara's family was at the hearing, but had no comment.


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