Mayor of Honesdale Resigns

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HONESDALE ---Honesdale's mayor told Newswatch 16 he has resigned effective immediately.

Ed Langendoerfer says he is sick of the conflicts with borough council over police hiring.

The now-former mayor said council has added too many positions to the department and it's a waste of money.

"'We had a police chief, a lieutenant and one patrolman. Now that we have a police commissioner, we have a police commissioner, a lieutenant, a sergeant and a patrolman. So we have an extra person on staff for no real reason whatsoever," said Langendoerfer.

The former mayor said the police commissioner hired by borough council is not certified to be a police officer and says he can only do office work.

Langendoerfer also said Honesdale borough council president Jim Brennan will serve as acting mayor.


  • Greg Miller

    This whole county is corrupt. If Jenkins is right, Its 2 years in Jail. But again this whole county is corrupt. Seriously, I did the math, its over 10% of em that are complete Psychopathy corrupted. If you really wanted to clean up your town, all you got to do is call the 1-800 FBI hotline. And you be doing them a favor to. what’s it take, to mow down a bunch of kids getting off the bus cause its your 4th DUI? These people need help,

  • g-bonz

    What a sad example of dysfunction. Really Honesdale, is this what you want to portray to the residents of this town and our young people. We now have a less than stellar person as Mayor, Police asking for twice the amount the average person makes in this town for salary much less the Commissioners salaries which are outrageous. Unbelievable! Perhaps sitting around your round table is making you all ab bit to
    comfortable. Get out and see what is happening in this town instead of deciding who gets the next big pay raise.

  • moretothestory

    There is much more to this story than the simplistic reason the Former Mayor give as his reason for quitting. He himself has been a major thorn in the side of the what was smooth negotiations betwen the HPOA(5 officers) and the council. The ranks of the police department in any boro or city is determined by the boro or city government not by a labor group. That is what these 5 officers are trying to do “they want” a chief a leutenant,2 seargents and a senior patrolman. THAT’S ALL FIVE OF THEM!! . They all make more tha a state trooper does and have a better benifit package… And they want more!. The former mayor quit for other reasons,personal reasons that will come to light down the road. This all started because 3 of the 5 full time officers applied for the chiefs position and none of them had the educational background or the experience. They also did not want anyone from the outside comming in a seeing what they do or don’t do. The commisioner(he is not Honesdales’first one) has already uncovered things they didn’t want known. I suspect more will follow.

  • Randy

    Government spending is getting out of hand, the cost for police protection has sky rocketed out of control, it would be cheaper for our communities/towns to contract security guards, lets face it we have to pay benefits, insurance, retirement pays ect…. with a security company they take care of it. As for April Fools, it maybe April but is not a Joke.

    • Just The Facts Jack

      There is way more to this story than can be coverd in the 45 seconds aired. The Chief position was replaced by the Commissioner position. The rank structure includes 1 Lt, 2 Sgts. and patrolmen, (total 5 full time) therefore there have been no additional expenses incurred in that respect. The previous chief was making in excess of $80,000 including benefits; the Commissioner currently makes $40,000-$50,000 including benefits. The previous Chief made a total of 6 arrests over the 3-4 years he held that position. The Commissioner was is a former FBI Agent and had Federal arrest powers. Any current lack of arrest powers is due to the idiosyncracies of a handful of states (PA being one of them) requiring presence of a State Officer for an arrest in PA. He has been granted a partial waiver by MPOETC toward gaining ACT 120 certification and will be certified upon completion of their remaining required courses/testing before the one year anniversary of his hire.

  • marbs

    A Commissioner, Chief, Lieutenant and one police officer? Are they kidding? if that is not a misprint the dept sounds just a little top heavy with brass. OR was the article an April Fools Joke.

    • moretothestory

      There is no “chief” its the cops that want a “chief” as part of their contract as well as a leutenant,2 seargents and a senior patrolman. The title Commissioner /chief are interchangeable and one in the same as per Honesdale boro ordinance. The Cops don’t like that.

    • Leroy Jenkins

      Yes, Brennan has been arrested for DUI (among other things) by Honesdale P.D., who he will now be “overseeing”. Sounds like a conflict of interest to me. What a mess.

    • moretothestory

      Get your fact straight. Mr Brennan has One (1) dui. as had the previous council president. He has never been arrested for anything else. Check your facts.

      • Leroy Jenkins

        Your pal Brennan has been arrested for DUI twice by the Honesdale Borough P.D. and once for public drunkenness and resisting arrest by PSP. Look it up.

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