Vehicle-Related Fees Increasing April 1

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Drivers here in Pennsylvania will see increased fees on several vehicle-related fees starting on Tuesday.

Governor Tom Corbett signed the fee increases into law last year.

Lawmakers hope the increases will raise about $350 million this year and more than $2 billion by 2018. They want to use the money to help fix up bridges and roads all across the Commonwealth.

Some of the fees are going up starting Tuesday are the fees on ID cards, duplicate drivers' licenses, certificates of title and certified records.

Fees on other items will increase later in the year.

You can read all about the fee increases by clicking HERE.


  • rob

    Hey, there are no new taxes according to Corbett. A local construction company has some equipment parked in the creek they’ll sell ya to. I so hope people are smarter this time around at the polls and vote him out. Maybe the next politician will stream line PennDOT and Public Welfare Programs.

  • John

    Everyone should also be asking…. Where’s all the millions from the casinos going?
    We need to revolt to over throw this government and honestly we wouldn’t have to move a muscle! If everyone just stay home for one day the economy would crash! Think about how much they make in ONE DAY! We are they’re puppets! This has to stop and this is why they are trying to take guns off us cause one day the America people might wake up and do something about these ” higher ” people trying to ” help us “…

  • Mike

    Makes me want to vomit!! All the money this state makes from tolls, vehicle registrations, title transfers, inspections,license renewals, gas taxes and our roads just get worse

  • Mike

    Why is that some county’s in PA have emissions testing and other do not…

    ITS ALL ABOUT THE $$$$$$$ Plain and simple!!

  • Mike

    Here is a good one!! Why doesn’t Corbett take a cut in his six figure salary to help fix the roads…

  • Mike

    What a Joke!! More $$$$ in Corbetts pocket!!
    Want to create Jobs bring back full service gas stations like NJ… There roads are 100 times better than PA’s ..there gas is cheaper and they pump it!! PA is out control with the B.S. fees that are feeding all the politicians!

  • John yanochik

    Wasn’t the recent toll increase on the turnpike and gas tax hike supposed to take care of this?

  • DanBanna

    Everything keeps going up in price except my hourly pay. Minimum wage has been at a standstill for years, but the cost living goes up everywhere around us. How does that make sense? Oh wait! It doesn’t! Also, when are you going to fix the roads exactly? Every now and then taxes get raised to “help fix the roads” and they never get fixed. At least they don’t in Scranton that’s for sure. Or if the roads do eventually get fixed the work is most likely done by a bunch of amateurs. Take a look at Lackawanna ave and the defects in that pave job. And yes they were there before the winter made them even worse.

  • Brett

    Entitlement programs. You cant keep taking from the middle class and giving to the poor. The government isnt robin hood. Does anyone see the trend? How much more can you tax the middle before they join the lower class. I think 3 things decide if you are in the middle class or lower class. Your work ethic, your decision making, and your IQ. The first two are the most important,

  • Jay

    Corbett, is no different than the rest of our congressman as long as they all have extra tax free money in their pockets they don’t care!
    They’ll do just about anything to rape us from our hard earned working money today!
    If you or I done this it’s illegal, but when they do it it’s called an illegal legal action!!

  • Linda Booth

    They keep increasing the cost of everything to solve their problems. Where are we suppose to keep getting the money from? Most of us are already working two jobs to make ends meet. For gods sake… cut a us a break already.

  • Allison

    I think its funny that they keep increasing everything but our roads are still horrible. Im sorry, I lived down south for 4 years and the gas was cheaper, there was no inspection and emissions, the registration and drivers liscense renewal were cheaper. To top that off the roads were in great condition and if there was a pot hole within the week it was filled. So whats the problem?! Your increasing everything to pay for your to stand around and talk!

  • Elle

    Yet again Corbett takes out his spending on the little people. I wondering what’s happening with all the money being made from making gambling legal, or from selling out the state game lands to the fracking companies. I guess he can do whatever he wants, as long as he and all his corrupt buddies are making money.

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