Surprise Snow Delays Opening Of Popular Hiking Spot

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FAIRMOUNT TOWNSHIP – Following a surprise storm that dumped about a foot of snow at Ricketts Glen State Park, nearby business owners said they are fed up with the weather.

"I`m tired of it, I`m so ready for spring,” said Madelyn Bonham. "It`s been slow. People are tired of the cold. I think they`re ready to get out, so anytime that we get any sunshine, we get that, then we get a little bit busier.”

The owner of Red Rock Corner Store said the relentless cold and snow has been bad for businesses, that get a boost from people who visit Ricketts Glen State Park in the spring.

The National Weather Service reported that one-foot of snow was measured at the park office in neighboring Sullivan County.

Ranger Michey Maneval told Newswatch 16 that parts of the Falls Trail were covered in more than a foot of ice, before the snow fell over the weekend.

"In 2012, I had (the trail) open mid-March. Quite a difference there, but this year, we`ll be lucky if we have it open first of May,” said Maneval.

Falls Trail at Ricketts Glen State Park is restricted to certified hikers with special gear, until all of this ice and snow melts.