Spring Snow Storm Hits NEPA

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Now that it's spring and almost April it didn't look like it or feel like it around here these past 24 hours.

Fortunately the snow isn't sticking around, it's already melting and should all be gone in a few days but some places got a lot of it.

Parts of Lackawanna and Susquehanna counties were hit pretty hard with another dose of wintry weather.

It leaves folks hoping this was the last time we see snow and ice until winter returns.

As Tom Prawdzik cleared the latest layer of winter's wrath from out in front of Whites Crossing Sports Shop, his thoughts were on much warmer days ahead.

"We're still waiting for the sun to come out and loosen some of this up but it's hard even shoveling, it's more ice than snow," he said.

The whipping winds tore a tarp on the number 4 green at Elkview Country Club in Fell Township.

"We're miserable about it, we all want to get outside," said employee Ted Bandru.

The groundskeepers have been forced to work inside while all this cold, nasty weather blankets this and other golf courses in the area.

Groundskeepers at at the club said two years ago they were already out here playing golf for a month. But now with this wintry weather, they're not going to get out for another two more weeks.

"Based on this we hope to have the covers off Wednesday or Thursday but there's no guarantees, Mother Nature's been really brutal this year," said Matt Froncek with Elkview.

In Susquehanna County, Ed Stratford chipped away at about two inches of ice and frozen sleet in downtown Forest City. A far cry from the outdoor work he's accustomed to come spring.

"Once you get under it with a scraper it comes loose easy, you need a scraper," he said.

The sun has come out in places and the temperatures are expected to keep going up this week, so maybe we can finally put this past winter to rest after one last blast of cold, freezing weather.