Snowstorm Surprises the Susquehanna Valley

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Many roads were closed throughout the day in Northumberland and Columbia Counties because of a storm that dumped close to a foot of snow on parts of our area. The storm knocked down power lines and trees.

Newswatch 16 found this maintenance crew from Knoebels Amusement Resort cleaning up along Route 487 near Elysburg.

"We had maintenance cutting up trees and i grabbed a dump truck and started cleaning up. It's less than a couple of weeks til we open and we get hit with this mess of a storm," Nathan Leighow said.

Paul Foulds and his brother-in-law were trying to make some money by plowing people's driveways. But they got stuck on Point Breeze Road near Shamokin, because several trees had fallen across the roadway.

"We're waiting for them to get the power lines hooked back up so we can go down and plow the lady's driveway out for her," Paul Foulds said.

Some people who live in this part of lower Northumberland County tell Newswatch 16 they got our their yardsticks and measured close to a foot of snow in their front yards. They also say they're so sick of this weather.

"It's crazy. We're supposed to have nice, sunny weather, but we got 12 inches of slop," Foulds said.

"We are all sick of it in this area," Mike Lacrosse said.

Mike Lacrosse says he lost power at his home near Shamokin because of the snowstorm. He attempted to plow his driveway.

"It is very hard plowing. It's very wet and ice underneath the snow. You've just gotta let the sun melt it down now," Lacrosse said.

All that snow melt is not expected to cause any flooding issues. Newswatch 16 Chief Meteorologist Tom Clark says the Susquehanna River at Sunbury is expected to crest at almost 18 feet, which is well below flood stage.