Schuylkill County’s 1, 2 Punch

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PA Golden Gloves boxing always produces some great up and coming boxers, and Elizabeth Morris, of Pottsville, and Antonio Conigliaro, of Saint Clair, are two fighters we've had our eye on.  Both have several victories under their belt and have been preparing a long time for a chance at a championship title.

"When I was a little kid, my dad took me to the gym and then when I met my coach, he taught me everything about boxing and I fell in love with it.  I train really hard for this and I didn't come here to lose," said Conigliaro.

As Liz and Antonio cross through the ropes, game time mentality takes over and from bell to bell, they can only rely on themselves and how they've prepared for their opponent.  Whether it's in front of 10 or 1,000 people, they try not to focus on the cheers from the crowd, but doing their best to exit victorious.

"You always get a bit of butterflies which is good for the adrenaline, but once you get in the ring, first punch is just like training at the gym and sparring.  You're in there by yourself.  No one's gonna help you so you do what you've gotta do for that 8 minutes. When you're done you're friends but in the ring you're not friends with anyone," said Morris.

"If you win, you win by yourself, no teammates.  It's only you and your coach.  But when you're in that ring, your coach can't help you. He tells you what you're doing wrong, but in that ring you're by yourself and I like it. If I lose, I lost it myself, but if I win, I won."

This fight Friday night near Frackville wasn't Antonio's, but Liz had a better outcome getting the decision over her opponent.  Win or lose, either way, the crowd was definitely behind them.

"It feels good especially so close to home.  It's good for them to see me fight, see what I work so hard for."