Old School Coming Down, Parts Being Preserved

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DALLAS TOWNSHIP -- One of the last historic buildings in Luzerne County's back mountain is being demolished this week.

The process started Monday afternoon as the cupola on top of the former Dallas Township School was carefully taken down.

Dallas Township officials tell us this old school is the last historic building standing in this part of the back mountain.

The 90-year-old building is scheduled to be knocked down Tuesday.

On Monday, contractors helped preserve a piece of history.

Firefighters and a crane crew helped contractors do the delicate work of removing the old wooden cupola from the former Dallas Township school building around 3:30 p.m. Monday.

Dallas School District officials say the old school along Route 309 was built back in the 1920s and students haven't gone to class there since 1984. The superintendent says the history of the old school shows how much education and the population have changed over the past century.

"One-room classrooms in some cases, all of the one grade, all of the first grade were in one room. At one point this building was a K to12 school," said Dallas School District Superintendent Frank Galicki.

"1920s vintage, so anytime you have old wood like that up there that's weathered as that is, you have to be concerned," said Dallas Township supervisor Liz Martin.

The cupola was taken away on a flat bed.

Dallas high school students will help restore the piece of vintage architecture which is expected to eventually be displayed somewhere on the Dallas school district property.

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  • becky

    what is the exact date this school was built…i keep reading the 1920’s…but what is the exact date?

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