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More Stores Leaving Struggling Mall At Steamtown

There’s more tough news for an already struggling mall in Scranton.

The Mall at Steamtown on Lackawanna Avenue has plenty of empty storefronts and now, comes news that more businesses are bailing.

It was earlier this month that mall officials said the mall was going into foreclosure and would be sold at a sheriff’s sale.

Three more vendors are pulling out at the Mall at Steamtown in downtown Scranton.

Mall officials confirm the Cinnabon-Carvel store is already gone, leaving an eyesore right at the mall`s main entrance on Lackawanna Avenue.

The Steamtown Pub is also closing and so is the Toyriffic – As Seen On TV store on the second floor.

For shoppers here, seeing more merchants leave the already struggling mall is depressing.

“It is, because I used to come a while back and all the stores were here and little by little it just slowly diminished away,” said Juan Carrero of Olyphant.

“We were just actually talking about that, how all the stores are closed so it`s not much to do in here, it`s kind of boring,” said Theodore Johnson of Scranton.

Less than a month ago, mall officials and one of the mall`s owners, Al Boscov, said the mall was going into foreclosure in order to restructure its financial situation.

That news came months after the mall lost one of it anchor stores, the Bon-Ton, leaving the mall with only Boscov`s as its major retailer.

“There`s nowhere left to go, i don`t what they`re going to do around here because pretty soon everything`s going to be closing and there`s not going to be anything left,” said Melissa Stewart of Scranton.

A day after announcing foreclosure Al Boscov met with mall tenants, assuring them the mall would not close.

Boscov said he planned to make a bid on the mall when it goes to a sheriff`s sale later this year.

But some shoppers aren`t so confident the mall can survive.

“A lot of people are truly heading up towards the Viewmont Mall or the Shoppes at Montage, I guess that`s really where the business is at,” said Carrero.

“All the stores that`s open now are the same so there`s no variety in here so,” said EJ Wallace.

A mall spokesperson says all three stores gave notice to mall officials and that nothing has changed with the foreclosure process.


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