Man Charged With Molesting 5-Year-Old Girl

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WYOMING — A 5-year-old girl is the alleged victim of a man arrested Monday on child sex charges in Luzerne County.

James Young, 38, of Wyoming was arraigned Monday afternoon in Pittston. He’s accused of assaulting the girl in November of 2013.

Young was charged with several counts including indecent assault and indecent exposure.

Young is locked up with bail set at $200,000.


  • Parker

    James had his chance to talk to CYS. HIS EXACT WORDS to the caseworker who investigated him, “fuvk off” a finding was made by cys of his guilt, he did not fight that….all my.daughter wanted was an apology and him to stay away, when the police wanted to talk to him, he lied to the officer…..saying he had a lawyer. Innocent people don’t do that….

  • amanda

    I don’t why eveyone thinks that hes allready gulit u only get one side of the stroy and what the papers say is allegedly did it not prove in?

    • rose

      Would you like to hear it from the childs mouth??? Or talk to the many adults or the detective she spoke to over and over, maybe the forensics expert????……..maybe you believe a person who’s family is full of pedophiles over a child who’s innocence was stolen!

    • peggy

      Amanda..the law says all are alleged until proven guilty. They can be caught in the act and still be alleged until after the trial verdict….I would believe a child over an adult with his comments on record….he is now out on bail, maybe you could offer him a place to stay???

  • jenn

    I was in shock when I read the paper I couldnt imagine that he would do sumthin like that.. knew him for a very long time . couldn’t look at him the same anymore…

  • Andy ultsh

    This guy was my best friend for years. I never thought he can be capable of anything like this. There is no excuse. I hope he gets what he deserves.

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