Death Investigation in Wayne County

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DYBERRY TOWNSHIP -- State police in Wayne County are investigating a man's death.

Friends discovered Ryan Clemo, 31, was not breathing properly while at a home near Honesdale, according to investigators.

Emergency responders took Clemo to Wayne Memorial Hospital in Honesdale where he died Saturday morning.

Troopers in Wayne County said they are waiting for autopsy results before they can determine how Clemo died.


  • brooke1016

    Not your post, some dingbat who made a judgemental post and then deleted it. Sorry if it looked like it was towards you.

  • shaunna

    Might I add a sister is without her brother a mother is without her only son and two children lost a father!

  • shaunna

    All I know is this family just lost a family member and now Ryan’s tragic death!! I didnt know him personally but I do know my daughter adored him dearly and now is not able to see her uncle anymore. :( praying for the family in this very tragic heartbreaking time!!!

  • Stacy Lb Gregory

    a young father is dead…and you bring up his past for his family to hurt more? So much for paying for your crimes and being able to move on in life!!!! logical..NOT hurtful…most definitely!!! When you die do you want something you did years earlier put on your obituary? dingbats!!!! MY deepest and most sorrowful tears to the family of this young man!!! I Pray we can hold onto knowing there is now another Angel on our side in Heaven!!!

  • Ron

    Why did channel 16 even bother to mention something that happened 14 years ago? Pretty sure it had nothing to do with his sudden passing now. That’s just pouring salt in the wounds of his loved ones. Very poor taste.

  • April Hansen

    Ryan make sure to watch over all of us especially mom and dad they need you the most! I love you Ry and wish and wish and wish you were still here every second of the day. I hope your building you car as I type this, till one day we will meet again and ill be waiting to see all the trophies you have won!!! LOVE YOU & MISS YOU TONS!!!!!

  • Becky

    The past is called the past for a reason so let’s leave it that way. We need to think of the family at this time and what this is doing to them. Ryan was a great friend to many but more important he was a great son, father, and brother. Ryan will be deeply missed by so many. R.I.P Ryan

  • marissa

    I Understand People Make Mistakes In Life But Do U Really Have To Bring His Past Up!! He Payed For What He Did And Deserves To Rest In Peace!!! Ryan You Were And Still Are A Great Guy And No One Deserves To Die So Young!!

    • Ron

      If you’re accusing me of judging please, reread the post you commented on. The point was why did the news station bother to put something he did as a kid over a decade ago in their story. It had no relevance to the fact the man suddenly passed away.

  • Becca

    His death is so tragic and sudden to his family and friends. How dare the news station make this about something that happened in his past YEARS ago. He has left behind a devastated family as well as 2 beautiful children. This is an investigation to find out answers about how he passed away, not the actions of his past that he and his family have already paid dearly for.

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