Dealing With Spring Snow

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The cleanup continues after our latest blast of wintry weather in spring. And all the snow and ice is being blamed for a number of crashes in our area.

The calendar may say spring, but you wouldn't know that by looking outside in many parts of our area. People are left digging out from up to 10 inches of snow.

There was nearly a foot deep in Susquehanna county, near Montrose. It was a reminder that even though the calendar says spring, and it's the day before the start of April, winter still has an impact.

We found Ardie Loncosky at work. He's the caretaker of an apartment building in Tunkhannock.

"You can't beat northeastern Pennsylvania.  I don't care what anybody says.  If you don't like the four seasons, go south," Loncosky said.

So that's what we did.  Go south to Bloomsburg, in Columbia County.

There was less than 3 inches on the ground here, but the impact was more psychological for students at Main and Market downtown waiting for their bus to Bloomsburg University.

"It's really cold and I'm really tired of it," said student Emily Smith-Schrfetlen."Very tired."

Bloomsburg University did not delay the start of classes on Monday, so not only did Emily have to trudge to school on a snowy day; she faced a pharmacology exam when she got there.  The southeastern Pennsylvania native is no stranger to winter.

Another Bloomsburg University student is.

"I'm from Spain, so I'm used to nice weather.  So I want spring to come," said Gilberto Machado.

He is not alone.  It seems to be the dominant thought during this late season snow.

Back to Tunkhannock, where students had no school and that apartment building caretaker looks forward to better days.

"As soon as this nasty weather gets out of here, which I'm assuming it is now, it's going to be nice," said Loncosky.