Police Searching for Man After Blood Spatters Found

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LACEYVILLE – State police in Tunkhannock and rescue crews are investigating a bloody crime scene that spreads throughout a borough in Wyoming County.

State police said they're looking for a man that went missing Sunday around 2:30 a.m., and think he might be in the Susquehanna River.

Police are searching for Thomas Yates, 46, from Long Island, New York. Yates was in town attending a funeral.

After the funeral, several family members reportedly went back to a home in Laceyville, where an argument broke out.

Blood stains were found along Church Street, and near the Laceyville Bridge, near where Yates was last seen.

Yates was described by police as being 5' 4" tall, and weighing 140 pounds, with brown hair, brown eyes and a mustache. He was last seen on the Laceyville Bridge wearing a dark-colored suit. According to reports, he has cerebral palsy and walks with a pronounced limp.

Police told Newswatch 16 that two people were being questioned at the state police barracks near Tunkhannock in relation to the incident.

Officials said water rescue teams had to stop their search due to the water levels rising in the river.




  • Butch

    for those asking “what’s the big deal?” 1. he was on duty 2. the sale of any gun require’s a legal transfer from seller to buyer and must be done through an FFL dealer or the gun is illegal.

    • Dan Sommer

      i want an update from the police dept how come everything went quiet? why did the search get called off?? if he was from Laceyville would the search be called off? or if he was from a rich family? if the river was too dangerous how come no helicopters ???

  • Ken

    Tommy we are all praying for you, love you man! Richie, my heart goes out to you, remember u can always reach out to me. I am here for you.

  • lindal

    I do not no the person but was just wondering to about updates. I hope everything turns out good for you Jonathan my thoughts are with you and you’r mother. You will be in my prayers.

  • Dave Goris

    I had the liberty of working with Tommy these last 4 months for the NYSDOT, This news came to me as a great shock this morning when i found out. we just began getting close, he was an excellent worker and mentor and i hope he is found soon so he can be brought back home. i send my thoughts and prayers to his family in this most difficult time. God bless you Tommy.

  • Jennifer Aponte

    My name is Jennifer. Im a dear friend of Tommy His girl friend is my cousin, I grew up knowing tommy he is a great man,I miss him so much..i think of him often.. i check this web site everyday since i found out and still no update. Im hoping the good people of laceyville do all they can to find him so we could have peace in mind.Tommy Im so sorry this happened..I miss u. I love u

  • Dave

    Kinda curious why this story isn’t being talked about? Seems as if a story about a snow storm was talked about more where is the update on this story? The snow is melting end of story

  • Dave

    Just curious what is happening with this situation? I mean this is news but it seems like it was quickly swept away by a story about a snow storm really a snow storm

  • richard keskinen

    i worked with tommy for 10 years at the NYSDOT he is really a good person always willing to help anyone who needs it . i hope this is not true

  • Gene McCauley

    Pleade update this story all the pain of not knowing is killing us.we need to find him n fast. I’m hoping for the best so help us find him please

  • Jonathan Rodriguez

    That is my stepfather i hope he is ok….they are still searching for him hes still missing may god be with him…he was the closest thing to a father i have ever had…..since my dad left me and my mother she is extremely devastated and we cannot believe this happened. I seen him the night before he left for the funeral and the last thing we said to eachother was i love you and well see eachother when he got back…….i love you so much tommy and hope you are ok…im hoping for the best but must also expect the worst…i love you and you will always be in my heart…to my family i hope you stay strong and love you guys so much

  • anonymous

    Police said the subject of the search is Thomas C. Yates, 46, of Bellmore, NY, who is described by police as being five-ft. four inches tall, 140 lbs., with brown hair, brown eyes and a mustache.

  • Barry Schaffer

    I have been coming to Laceyville since I was 12 years old, I am 59 now. We own a cabin on Flynn Mnt road. I always found safety and comfort in visiting there as everyone was so friendly. Families were close and the community was close knit. I became friends with a lot of guys my age and have maintained those friendships over the years. What is happening in Laceyville is a sign of the times. It happened in my home town of Easton, Pa. It’s sad, communities have lost the closeness and caring we once showed each other. I hope for the best but fear the worst regarding this story.

    • Stephanie

      Whoa, sign of the times? It may or may not be true but the pd said they were all family and friends after a funeral. Have you NEVER fought with a friend or family? I dont mean it has to get physical even just fight. I am somebody who walks with a unsteady limp and i tip over for no reason. I feel for the family who was already gathered for a funeral and now this? No it is not a sign of the times. Your insinuating foul play and i am one who still believes innocent till proven guilty. Show me the facts before calling this anything else. But for now my thoughts out to the family.

  • CCKM

    Hoping we find out soon! Always sit with our hearts in our mouths praying it’s not someone we know! God forbid!

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