Wounded Veteran Gets Key To New Home

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ELYSBURG -- A wounded Marine from Northumberland County is now the proud owner of a new home that was given to his family free of charge.

Now Corporal David Noblit, with his wife and his son, moved into the place they've needed for some time.

This wasn't the typical way a new homeowner gets the key to his or her new home but then again, Marine Corporal David Noblit is not your typical guy.

His injuries speak volumes about how the young's man's life was forever changed when he was badly hurt in an explosion in Afghanistan back in 2010.

Ever since, Noblit and his family have been piecing their lives back together and all this is part of that journey. A new home was paid for and built by "Homes for Our Troops," and now Noblit has the key.

A big crowd turned out for the special ceremony at the brand new home in the Elysburg area of Northumberland County. Noblit had some help raising the American flag at his very own home - a specially designed home that will make it easy for him to get around.

Corporal David Noblit said, "I'll be able to get in every room in the house, not have to worry about busting my knuckles on the doorways, scraping on walls. It's amazing, I love this house so much, can't wait to start my life here."

As soon as the ribbon was cut, Noblit's son Cayden was running around in the family's new home made possible by donations and the folks with "Homes for Our Troops," which provides free homes made specifically for injured veterans.

Carlo Gaita from "Homes for Our Troops," said "Over 155 special features that allows the veteran to have full freedom and independence throughout his home."

For Corporal Noblit's wife, the new home is a godsend.

After spending the last couple years living with family, the Noblits have something just for them after enduring so much.

Corporal Noblit's wife, Amanda, said "It's been a lot of challenges and to be in a home finally where he can be himself and get around, we're really blessed."


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