State Police: Pedestrian Hit and Run Followed By Fatal Crash

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MAHANOY TOWNSHIP -- State Police are investigating a pedestrian hit and run, followed by a fatal crash in Schuylkill County.

Officials said the two incidents are related, and happened within minutes of one another around 12:30 a.m Saturday.

State police in Frackville said Shirl Mumie, 37 of Shenandoah, first hit Joseph Minnich, 41 of Mahanoy City, while he was walking east in the eastbound lane of State Route 54.

According to troopers, Mumie then fled the first scene and shortly after, lost control of her vehicle, crashing head-on into a car traveling on the same route.

Officials said James Hossler, 62, of Shenandoah was the driver of the other car, and died after the crash.

State police said Minnich and Mumie received minor injuries.

A resident in Mahanoy Township, Edward Sierdzinski, said he was surprised to hear that the driver had also been involved in another accident, "We more or less thought it was a DUI drunk driver and somebody speeding, I didn't expect somebody to be hit on the road and then still keep going."

The investigation into these crashes are still on going in Schuylkill County.


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