Heroin Drug Bust Near Bloomsburg University

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BLOOMSBURG — Four people are in custody after a drug bust in Columbia County.

According to police, a search warrant was served at apartments located on 142 West Main Street in Bloomsburg around 7:00 Saturday morning.

Authorities said a heroin investigation conducted by Bloomsburg Police and the Columbia County Drug Task Force led to the bust located less than a mile away from Bloomsburg University.

Police said they expect more arrests in connection with the bust Columbia County.


  • melanie b

    i live in berwick i moved down here about 8 years ago the police around here dont know what there doing esp with these meth labs they get informats that get busted for meth labs and all they got to do is name couple other people that are making other meth and they get off then they start making more meth whats wrong with that pic

    • CCKM

      Everyone across the country has to take proactive measure to keep it out of their communities by getting involved in their own circles and educating our kids. If we see something, say something. And try not to put ourselves in harms way doing it. It wouldn’t be easy, but it’s gotta get cleaned up from the inside out…like a ripple affect.

    • Mike

      It’s like that in every county in NEPA. The police know who has the stuff, they are just to lazy to go after them. Get some drug sniffing dogs and set up random checkpoints. You’ll get em

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